Which sig is better?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Hotstangchic04, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. sig 1
    sig 2

    Which one do you guys like better? i couldnt pick between the two of them!!!
  2. #2! :nice: :hail2:

    #1 is a bit too yellow overall and it takes away from your Yellow Stang.
  3. #1 I think you can see the car better and stuff, but #2 is badass...
    go for the #2 I think
  4. #1 is too yellow but I like the horse. Put the horse in #2 and you have a winner!
  5. Eh, I dont really like either. But I'm just a Honda guy so what do I matter? =P
  6. I say #1. You can see the car better
  7. Either one would be fine for V6Power.net or Mustangworld where the users there love to idolize their cars.
  8. why did you fuzz out the top of the car on the second one?
  9. :stupid:

    it doesnt. lol
  10. I agree

    I idolize my car :(
  11. i didnt make these some one else did...I dont know why the windshield is like that in the second one....And also i hate Mustangworld.....lol

  12. u know I don't like mustangworld either, I tried it out but never really got into it. Anyways, i'm telling you, #2 is pretty badass just put it up
  13. It's blurred because it's supposed to look like it's going fast. Hence the fast and furious blurring.

    I like the sig you have now.
  14. so have you chose one yet or what?
  15. i think im going with two!!!!! But my gay ass friend keeps sending me more...one id so ****ing hilarious on the licenct plate it says blo4sex.......i will post all of them later, good readin material i guesss.....lol..get some opinions b/c you guys are great here!!!!!!!