Which Spark Plugs?

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  1. What Spark Plugs are in your 5.0? I got some live wires ordered and wondered what plugs I should go with. Thanks.
  2. not another Live Wires thread..... Ford plug wires or Taylors and autolite copper core will suffice for about 95% of the time
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  3. I like Ford Racing 9mm wires and Autolite single platinum plugs for mine.
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  4. My issue with the Ford wires is they have very high resistance, I wouldn't run them on my lawnmower... I prefer the Taylor wires.

    Never had an issue running a reg Autolite copper plug with the Livewires.

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  5. If it bothers you just don't even reply to my thread. Trying to find others opinions before I make my decision.
  6. I guess they have high resistance, but ford wires worked fine for me for years. Taylors worked great on my old twin turbo. I'm not even sure which ones are on my car now... If trick flow makes wires, that's probably what my old shop installed. They're working fine, too.
  7. X 1000 on the Autolite copper plugs. No need for fancy or gimmick plugs. Live wires? meh I've used both FMS and Taylor wires.... Although I have the FMS on now.... Spend the extra money and buy the Taylor.
  8. I prefer my Moroso Ultra 40 Wires personally, as far as plugs go what cylinder heads to you have? I have used autolite with no problems in the past but have recently (last year or so) switched to ngk plugs and have been very happy with them.
  9. Check his sig. E7's

  10. on a stockish 5.0 N/A?? Ford OEM copper plugs
  11. It doesn't bother me a bit. Autolite copper cores and FMS or Taylor wire will work for 95% of applications