Which Stang are you going for? The V-6 or the V-8?

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What version of the 2005 Mustang are you going for?

  1. V-6 Base

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  2. V-8 GT

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  1. I ask this question because, for some its a matter of budget, for others, its a matter of how much you can mod each engine. For some, suprisingly, its even a matter of gas milage. :rlaugh:

    Just curious to get an overall feel for people's taste's on this forum.

    I myself will most likely go for the V-6. I like to make my own upgrades, not the ones the factory likes to impose. Add things like turbo/supercharger, custom rims, interior accents etc.

    What's your pick? :flag:
  2. Without a V8, I would have absolutely no interest whatsoever in a Mustang.... or any "pony" style car... It HAS TO be a V8 for me.

    As for gas mileage... maybe Ford should take some notes from GM. I regularly got 28-29mpg highway in my 2000 Camaro Z28 6-speed. A lot of V6's can't get that mileage... that car dyno'd 310rwhp with only a cat-back.

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    Can you be more specific as to why you'd go for the Cobra?
  4. So far my financial situation is affording me a GT. However, I would like some more breathing room. Might save more cash for a Cobra, or if anything comes out to fill the gap.

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    I'd love the V-8 too. It's just the extra 10 G's more that kinda puts a damper on that idea.

    Love V-8's for that low end torque! :nice:
  6. I prefer something a bit more exclusive than a V6 or a GT. I also prefer the additional goodies the Cobra comes with, 6-speed, S/C, IRS, and a limited production run. If the 06 is anything like the 03 as far as power and bolt on response to power is concerned, then that is the car for me.

    I don't care about insurance rates or fuel economy. I priced my insurance rates for a 10th anniversary Cobra and it would cost me $50 a month more than my current daily driven 1995 Nissan Altima. I plan on keeping the Altima until the wheels fall off of it. It gets the fuel economy I need for the commute I make and already has 140,000 miles on it so I don't care about putting more on it.
  7. Who said anything about $10K more for a V8? You need to read the $20,000 V8 thread. If the speculation is correct (I think it is) than a V8 can be had for $20,000.
  8. its v8 or nothin for me. I will never buy a v6 mustang. I can't afford a GT, so there better be a $20k v8, or I'll be stickin to my fox :)
  9. i would go for the gt. i would never get a cobra or any high end mustang like that. it is just too much for a mustang in my opinion. with that much money i would reather get a corvette.
  10. Cobra or Mustang SVT which ever they call it.
  11. with the release of the Shelby Cobra concept this year at the NAIAS, all of you waiting for a "Mustang" Cobra are likely going to be very disappointed. looks as though the intended direction is to make the Shelby Cobra's again. granted, that does open the door for the return of the BOSS.

    as for me, i'm putting my name down for a new GT as soon as my dealer starts taking orders.
  12. base trim V8 vert, probably a 5speed unless the auto proves to be solid. Silver, dark grey or green with black interior (leather or leatherette if that is offered--not cloth).
  13. i would be happy with either.if i can afford a GT,i'll get that,but i'm not going to break myself to own it,it's just what it costs at the time i get it.i actually like the looks of the V6 better and i'd be happy to own it.i like V6 mustangs actually,i love to go to car shows and see a classic I6,it's a different sight among all the bosses and machs.now,if there's going to be a V8 for 20K,i'll be all over that like stink on poop.
  14. I have to say I would like to get a cobra or any special edition mustang, If I can't get it now I'll get it some day, It's to much $$$ for me I will finish paying my stang(v6) in a year or more is not that improved but i like it. I'll probably wait after College to get a Cobra or so, but for now I'll be happy witha 2005 V6 or any '66 or '67 but I'll save for later.
    If it's not a Cobra a V6
  15. There will be an SVT Mustang. Just because Shelby has the Cobra name doesn't mean there can't be an SVT Mustang. Maybe not called Cobra (though it should be.. the Shelby car should get a different name in production). Ford has already given SVT the go-ahead to build an SVT Mustang with no firm price ceiling that is designed to compete easily with the BMW M-cars. So I'm expecting a 500hp Lightning motor in there and a $45k price tag. That leaves room for a special model with the 390hp 03/04 Cobra motor and priced around $30k. I suspect the SVT model will be out of most people's reach, but I'm sure we'll see a trickle-down of technology from it, like IRS for the special editions (Boss, Mach 1, etc).
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    God, if that's true, then yeah, I'm definitely getting the V-8.

    Just seemed that from all appearances the V-8 was going to be in the mid-to-late 20's price range, and the V-6 in the teens.

    Man I love rumor! But I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.
  17. Definitley the V8-that's what a muscle car is all about! However, if I didn't have the money I would buy used 01 or 02 mustang V8.
  18. I couldn't have said it better. Knowing that the SVT will be competing with the likes of the M3 and the Vette, I would expect a mid-40K price tag which will put it out of a lot of people's price range, including myself. Realistically I can't afford to spend more than low 30's on my next Stang. So, I hope to god they have something in that low-30K range like you mentioned. I would love to have the current Cobra power in a 2006+ "special" model.

  19. Buy GT until the Boss or the Mach1 comes out then trade 05 GT for Boss or a Mach1 when come out. :spot: