Which Stang are you going for? The V-6 or the V-8?

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What version of the 2005 Mustang are you going for?

  1. V-6 Base

    12 vote(s)
  2. V-8 GT

    85 vote(s)
  1. well if the new SVT mustang is in the mid 30's ill be getting that.. if not then i dunno... maybe ill get the boss or mach or whatever there next speciality vehicle is...
  2. I want a Cobra, but will get a GT if there are no rebates or good deals on the Cobra.
  3. I have to have a V8 in a Mustang. I'm definitely getting an 05/06 GT as soon as I graduate college. I might even try to get a Cobra but i have to see the car and the price tag before i decide.
  4. I currently own a 99 v6, and I have loved the car, it looks cool, and for a 6, it runs quick... but now I gave my wife that to drive, and its time to step up to the big leauges. The '05 will be the 3'rd mustang I have owned, and the first two have been v6's cause of insurance mostly. But now that I am married, a little older and will not get taken to the cleaners for a v-8 insurance rate... for me.. its gotta be v-8 or no mustang for me..
  5. I'll be getting a V8, and my 2.3 turbo project will kinda sideline. I'll only finish installing the motor, and the extra upgrades will come over time.
  6. This poll seems to show how different StangNet participants are from the rest of Mustang owners.

    This poll says 90% of StangNet people are going to get a V8.

    But we all know that only 40% of ALL Mustang owners get V8's.
  7. V6 is a wast of time if you are looking to go fast. If you want the looks and looks only, MAYBE consider the V6. If you want a Mustang, get the V8 Civics wit a ls VTEC can beat a V6, is that where you want to be starting?? noV6 will ever have the potential of a v8 for a mustang.
  8. I wouldn't buy a new v6 mustang, just my taste. Definatly going for the v8, if the rumor of the v8 in the v6 body is true, I might go for if its the newer engine, not the older 4.6 v8.

    But I really have my heart set on that gt v8 :flag: :flag:

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    Make's sense, mostly from a monetary standpoint. A V-6 obviously cannot compete with a V-8 when comporably modded. :nonono:

    But if you're looking to build up your Mustang (i.e. V-6) over a period of years, you'll easily blow the doors off a stock GT.

    I personally would love a V-8, but unfortunately it all comes down to funds. I cannot afford a V-8 if its hitting around the mid-twenties. But if I go with a stock V-6, and then later mod it with a turbo/supercharger, and possibly a NOS system, I could easily be pushing an extra 100-150 extra ft pds of torque when I need it through the V-6, and do it for around 5-7 g's spread out over 3-5 years. That I could afford. Also keep my insurance rates down :nice:

    I dunno, it's a tough call :bang:
  10. I this case of the new 05 Stang, and with Mustangs in general, how can anyone even consider buying the V6? :nonono: :rlaugh:

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    Hey if they price a V-6 at 20g's, I'm there, but if not, then like most people, the V-6 is the option.

    If you're a single guy, who's only got rent to deal with, then yeah, you can afford a nicer car, but for those of us with a mortgage, utilities, other car payments, and of course kids, the priorities change a bit. :)
  12. Since im from Sweden, driving a amercian car without a V8 is like playing tennis without a ball! Im trying to save up for a gt bbut hopefully there will be a "base" V8!
  13. A true Mustang enthusiast would settle for nothing lestt than the V8. The V6 is ghey & reserved for sissies & commies.
  14. is that a joke?because if not,that's the most ignorant statement in this thread.a true mustang enthusiast,which you are not,would know the 6 is just as much part of the mustang heritage as the 8.the 2nd mustang ever built was a 6-cylinder,the first mustang ever sold to the public was a 6-cylinder.in fact,a current or '05 V6 would be more in keeping with the spirit of the original cars,before carroll shelby,before the K-code 289,fastback or GT,the mustang was just a sporty coupe with great looks and modest power,260 V8 or not.i don't care if your perference is for the V8,at least respect the 6,it was there from the beginning,and without it paying the bills today,there would be no mustangs period.
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    Posts: 2 A true Mustang enthusiast would settle for nothing lestt than the V8. The V6 is ghey & reserved for sissies & commies.
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    This is "ATROCIOUS". How can anyone call someone who owns a V6 Mustang a "commie"? Oh my! That's not nice. Anyone who owns a Mustang V6 is not a commie. They own a V6 Mustang because they just cannot afford to buy a Mustang GT. They just don't make enough money to be able to afford that extra $5,000 to buy the GT. Isn't this sad? I know someone who wanted a Mustang GT, but he instead bought a V6 Mustang because he couldn't afford the GT. He works for a big financial institution doing customer service. I guess that as long as the American economy is based on all the low paying service jobs, more and more people will be buying the V6 Mustang. Low paying jobs mean a lower class car like the V6 Mustang. Don't you just hate it when you have a dead end job? A dead end job aint going to be able to buy you a Mustang GT. That's sad.

    God Bless America. :flag:

  16. so you are saying ford should have done away with all mustangs aside from the V8 models? If they did that THERE WOULD BE NO MUSTANG STILL. Sales speak louder then you. And if there were still a mustang it would be more expencive because production would be less.
  17. jesus.... two people on the forums calling others commies...

    did not thing stangnet would come to that...
  18. Im gettin a V8. The only reason why Om geetin it instead of a V6 is because I have no rent to pay and Im single. The reason why I have no rent is because I'm in the Army. But If i had to pay rent and stuff like some of ya other guys out there I would Definatly get a V6.
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    6 to 1 against BoeserBlick (including myself)...

    Dude if you want to be a racist, take it elsewhere!
    That junk don't fly here!
  20. Man, I have been a lurker on this fourm for a few weeks now. TorqueIt, I have read many questionable posts from you about how you can make a V6 much faster then a GT with mods. About how there are tons of aftermarket go-fast parts fot he V6 thanks to ricers. Why do you think that's not common? The v6 aftermarket for Fords is not like the ricers. You will spend much more then you think, with a lot of custom fabricating, to come close to your goal. And how was that guy being rascist???