Which Stang are you going for? The V-6 or the V-8?

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What version of the 2005 Mustang are you going for?

  1. V-6 Base

    12 vote(s)
  2. V-8 GT

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    FALCHULK, please... question away.
    Simply because I have a better understanding (and most likely better hook-ups) of how to do it and you don't, doesn't mean I can't make a modded V-6 perform better than a base V-8.

    Custom fabrication is not to difficult (or costly) if you know the right people. If you're looking for pre-made kits, then yeah, you're going to be waiting a while for them to come to market, depends on the demand, plus like most people, you're probably be paying retail prices. I can probably swing getting a custom turbo set-up for around 6-7k through some friends of mine (I've done it before with my Toyota Matrix. I started off with 120 ft pds of torque, now I'm hovering around 210ft pds for a car that weighs 2,700 pds, and is a 4-cylinder, my 0-60 went from the mid 8's to the low 6's).

    For a Mustang V-6 I can probably get a custum turbo set-up with around 10-12 pounds of boost for around 6-7k. Tack on another $1,500 for a NOS system (get about a 50hp spurt there when I need it). All in all for the mods, I'm still hovering under 10K. Get around 150-170 extra HP modded in (I figure at least an extra 100 ft pds to the wheels when I really need it).

    In the end I can walk away with purchasing a used 2005 V-6 Mustang in around two years time for around 13-14k, tack on the extra 10k in mods that I would've paid for a base V-8, and come away with a car that will have around 300-320HP (and around comporable levels of torque, figure around 330-340) for less than I would've paid for the GT.

    If you think I'm blowin smoke, then go right ahead. I've had people say the same to me before, and later ate their words. :rlaugh:

    As for the 'commie' comment, if you haven't been reading the other posts, and feel the same way they do, then you're simply ignorant :bang:
  2. I have a Pontiac vibe that is my daily driver as I commute 60 miles. Its the base, same as yours. That motor does not respond that well to mods. Thats why ony a few people have turbos. If you got it up that high congrats. I don't doubt that at all as I know a few have done it.

    You very well maybe able to slap a turbo in there for 6 to 7k custom. To me that's a hunk of cash. Also Consider you still have to tune on a dyno to do it right. On top of that, since not many people are going to do this, you face a lot of unknowns. A lot of chance you can f something up accidentally. A project like this would cost well in excess of a GT. Thats my point.
  3. BTW, how is commie a racist comment? Maybe I am dense but does that not mean communist? If so thats not racial. Unless you consider a system of goverment to be your race??
  4. Anyway...back on topic. I don't see it being a stretch that the 05 GT's will be around 20k. Right now you can get a 04 GT for about that with the rebates and discounts now. But I don't think you will find one for that price initially. Remembet the PT Cruiser? Dealers were marking up that car 5k when it first came out. Same with the Mach 1. Some lame dealers were looking to make a quick buck. I won't rush out as soon as they hit the showroom but I will get one about Christmas time. By then the hype is gone and they car can be had reasonably. And it will be a GT.
  5. I want a 4.6L SOHC 3-Valves VCT forged-internals Supercharged with a 6-speed manual and Solid Rear Axle :nice: , Cobra would be nice but I don't think it will come like that, and I'm not crazy about DOHC and IRS.
  6. Yikes

    Wow... I didn't realize the V6 vs. V8 topic was such a heated debate. For the record, the commie comment was a joke. Sorry if it wasn't taken as such... my sarcasm has gotten me in trouble before (sometimes humor & sarcasm just come off wrong on the internet)... and for that I apologize. :doh: :stick: :chair: :owned:
    I will admit, my statement was one made from ignorance. I wont argue my point, nor will I even attempt to justify it. It was a stupid comment to make & I make no excuses for it. It is true, I come from an import background... I can only blame my anti-V6 sentiments on the fact that the NA V6's is sort of the step-child motor in my previous world (most would argue forced induction 4-cylinders are where the action is). And when I think of American muscle power, admittedly the V6 is not the first engine I think of. On the same token, bolt on aftermarket turbos on V6 engines is also not top of mind when someone says Mustang to me... maybe a Grand National... but not a Mustang. If someone asked me what the most common forced induction is "common" on a Mustang, I would have said a SC on a V8 first. (edit: I also don't think of Nitrous: NOS, ZEX, Edel., NX, etc. when I think of the Mustang... but maybe thats just me. I didnt realize nitrous-oxide was so embraced by this crowd as well. The crew I used to hang out with used to run with simple dry-50-shots to more elaborate custom 80+shot plate systems & many bashed them for having to go with "juice".)
    I guess I still have a lot to learn. I have a few friends that own Mustangs over the years & none of them ever had a V6. All of them basically have told me the V6 is simply too slow for them & none of them even considered it when they bought their Mustangs. I consider these guys to be Mustang enthusiasts & lovers. I suppose I transposed their feelings & assumed all enthusiasts felt as they did. Again, I have much to learn. I know when I have made a mistake, & this is obviously one time I have done so. And for that, I apologize. You guys can chose to accept it or not. I can only hope you are more mature than many of the younger import guys that I have been used to & can recognize a heartfelt apology. I've come here to learn & like my momma said to me growing up... some lessons are bitter. I guess this is one of them. If I am not welcomed here after that comment I made, please just let me know & I will leave quietly. I am not one of those lurkers that feed on making waves just for the sake of making them. I really do wish to come in here & learn, but I will respect the wishes of those who have been here before me & also understand the sensitivites of anyone whom I might have offended.

    Either way (if I stay or need to leave) maybe someone can explain this to me before I go (or before I can go onto another topic).... If so many enthusiasts are such fans of the smaller engine, how come only 8 of the 78 votes, as of this post, were for the 6-banger?

    For the record, I am not a racist (I doubt any of you even know what race I am), nor am I one of those staunch anti-anything not American.

    BTW - I don't see how being a communist or anti-communist can even be construed as being racist. Political outlook doesnt necessarily equate to any racial biases... especially in the case of communism... which has been a political model that many various nationalities & ethnic groups have embraced... just like democracy.
  7. PS: You can probably get a 50-shot fogger system these days for much less than a $G & a half... thanks to the many import kids that are cracking blocks all across America. If you want my old one (NX dry fogger EFI kit) for most for your V6, I'll sell it for a LOT less than $1500 & it only been used 2x's & purged once.
  8. Alright, I just went to the Car Show in St. Louis and saw the new 05 Mustang. Truly awesome car!!!

    Ask yourself this... Why do people fight over the V6 vs. V8. I believe its quite simple. Some of you may agree, and some may hate me for saying this, but here it goes.

    I myself have always owned a V8 mustang. I have always had the funds to afford a V8. So funds play a role. But thats not why people get mad. V8 people get pissed off because we spent the extra money to get a V8 and to try and be a little better than the average V6 (which is completely awesome as well, so don't think I am trying to rip on you guys, I'm not trying to, I'm simply trying to put into words why a lot of people I know hate them).

    When a Honda Civic comes along and he has his car all decked out, we're talking nitrous, pulleys, turbo, everything... It pisses us V8 guys off. We figure well hell these guys think they are better than us V8 guys and we paid more money for our cars. Why didn't they just go out if they were so good and buy a V8. The answer again, funds.... This is something that I've come to realize, you can't hate the player, hate the game. Its just part of it. People want to have the nicest, baddest cars we can. WE CAN ALL AGREE ON THAT. No one wants a granny car. In a way we're all on the same side, in a way we're all not. I'll tell you why. Its greed guys. We can never be the best, someone will always have something better, but hell if you want spend all your money on all the parts money can buy and see where it gets you. I like probably many of you have lost a lot of friends racing. But we can't just stop what we love so much. Theres just something about when you push the accelerator down in the floor and shift from 1st to 2nd and you hear that skid from the tires. It runs through our veins and we are forever trapped, O well. :)

    Think about this, GM vs Ford, lets not.... I like many of you have a lot of friends who have camaros or hell even rice burners. So then we go out, our little pack of missed cars and then its us vs other people, all cars. So in a way its not so much GM vs Ford, or the Rice vs Muscle, its always been everyone vs everyone, I don't think anyone on here can honestly say that they want their friend to have a faster car than them. I sure can't. I want to have the nicest car I can. Even if I had a V6, I would want to do everything I could to make it faster and better.

    So please, lets not get all pissed at one another, just be thankful you have a nice car, just be thankful that theres always going to be people out there wishing they had a car like yours. Some people just don't have the money. As much as I love cars, and I really love them. There are more important things in life that you oughta worry about. Friends & Family

    (Sorry if I offended anyone)
  9. I just wouldnt buy the 6 banger because there is NO substitute for that v8 sound. I love my 65 with my little 289, and I still love the current 4.6, and I hear the new motor sounds more aggressive than that. Even if I had rent/bills/alimony etc, I would simply wait and get the v8 LATER, not settle for a v6 because I'd never be happy with it, and I know it.

    Mostly though, a huge part of a car's appeal to me is the noise it makes, the v6 simply doesn't do it for me, dual exhaust kit or not. For instance, my beater (1994 crown vic police interceptor :D ) is so damn quiet, I can't even tell when it's running sometimes. I love the car, but I hate that it's so quiet. It does have that modular 4.6 though which is pretty nice, lol. Not to mention I always have the interstate to myself for some reason :rlaugh: :D

    Anyways, I'd like to thank you guys that buy 6 bangers because without you, I wouldn't be able to have my v8, so thanks.
  10. Me too. And the $10G's I would have spent on the V6 to just be able to hang with the V8... would be re-invested to making the V8 make sure that the gap between the V6 & the V8 is just *that* much wider.

    (I love the sound of the V8 as well... even with your eyes closed... the Mustang's V8 & exhaust tone are quite distinct.)
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    Your point is flawed in that you assume my capabilities of achieving these modifications are slim (due to lack of funds or expertise), they are not. Whereas with you, you're probably right, you'd most likely f something up. :D

    As for the racist comment dealing with 'commie'. If someone calls you something based on your cultural background (and yes that can include political beliefs, not just religious), then the remark, at least in my opinion, can be classified as racist. Its hateful speech directed at someone who does not either look, sound, or believe as you do. Does that clarify?

    At any rate this thread got way off topic with this heated debate on 'commies'.

    Bottom line for me, I like the V-6, I like modding, and it gives me a certain sense of pride when I can take an inherently smaller powered car and wipe the floor with those who have larger engines, by simply going into my shop (or friends shops) and working on modding a car.

    If a 2005+ Mustang V-8 comes out priced at $20G's, well YEEEAYYA! I'll most likely purchase that a few years down the road. If not, I'll stick with my original plan of getting the V-6.
  13. Hmmm yep it clarifys it. You are a teenager right? Enough said.
  14. --------------------------------

    In reply to this new line of questioning...

    1. Nope!
    2. Thank God! :D
  15. You are one wierd little communist. I have a feeling you just like to antagonize people. I think youlike to troll around tryin to get a response. Thats just a little pathetic.......but hey so is responding to this kind of thing. I think its time to get myself back on tracik. I though yo were serious about your turbo project. If I had know yo were just a strange little guy Iwould never have responded. Bye
  16. You guys are still hung up on the commie comment. WOW.
  17. I'll go back to topic....V8 GT vert, in Red with black interior and black top is my choice.
  18. nothing sounds like a V-8. plus it comes out of the box with more power. plus its got the heratidge and the psychological effect of a v-8. IMO v-6's aren't worth the mustang name. even though they account for a large portion of stang sales.
  19. How am I going to pretend to be Steve McQueen if I get the V6? Now where's my black turtleneck? I remember putting it on the closet shelf in 1968...
  20. ok...my dad has got a C5 corvette... I will get my license in 1 year (time cant go fast enough) and i will probably go for a V6 for the simple reason of insurance, and a V8-rear drive in these minnesota winters is a war. If i want to go fast, i can. but for a daily drive for a teenager, a v8 would obviously be AWESOME but realistically, a 6 would be better. If i can get one with all the options the amazing interior, chrome wheels, and make it look good, i would be happy. But at the same time, a base v8 with minimal options could maybe be same price. We'll find out soon.