Which Stang are you going for? The V-6 or the V-8?

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What version of the 2005 Mustang are you going for?

  1. V-6 Base

    12 vote(s)
  2. V-8 GT

    85 vote(s)
  1. talikng about the mileage, considering the bigger bore on the 6 and the vvt on the 8 they may be pretty close.

  2. mustang cobra is dead. rip
    and that reptilian nomenclature is going back to where it belongs: a little, ridiculously over horse powered, 2 seat road rocket.
    Long Live Shelby!
  3. Prove it.

    Everything regarding the fate of the "COBRA" name is pure speculation.

    Do a search of these forums, you will find that I was the very first one to question what the fate of the Cobra name might be. I think it was as far back as October of last year.

    Really people, if the only point in posting is to rub someone's nose in crap over the use of the Cobra name is the only reason you are here, Might I suggest the ricer forums. That is all they do. Talk trash and tell each other they are wrong about trivial issues.

    Did you understand that I was planning on buying the next SVT version of the Mustang by simply stating Cobra?

    Dammit people! READ BEFORE YOU POST! :mad:

    Now, I am going to go have my coffee and hopefully return less cranky.