Which sub do you think?

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  1. I found for 109 dollars the 15" Rockford Fosgate HE2 1000watt. That has been the planned sub. At walmart though I saw a Sony Xplode 12 rated at 1100 watts for about 90 some dollars. I am not sure what model it was but what do you think would be the better sub? Is the Fosgate quality worth extra? I figure w/ the Sony if I screw it up though I can take it back to walmart.
  2. 15"? I would never put that in a mustang only a truck. I have two 10" speakers and they are loud as fick with nice tight bass that shakes your bones. 15's sound crappy when you play any song with a fast beat
  3. Well its for my truck, not the stangs. I am thinkin the 12 would be sharper myself. The truck itself isnt gonna help much...its a '77, truck bedliner floor, all steel, no insulation other than headliner with a custom center console that will house the sub and my 680 watt jenson.
  4. oooooooooh. well that puts a whole different paint jon on things. If thats the case I would get the Fosgate 12" or even 15" if you prefer. I would avoid Xplod's at all costs. In my opinion they are all show and no go. (almost like civics :D
  5. hey tiresmokn... remember me? nice to see u again.. hah

    anyways... i had a pair of 10 in punch fosgates... they sounded ok.. not too sharp.. got deep at times... but didnt really pack much punch... Now if u want something that'll shake the day lights out of that cab... i'd suggest getting 12" Audiobahn AW1200Q series... The 15 may be too much but the 12 will give u all the punch u need... i have 2 in my stang and it shakes the bejesus out her. They're rated at 700 watts a piece. I have them at maybe 75% of that and it's a massage and a half. If you want even more punch then that, Audiobahn makes a series that rates at 1100 watts. But i they may be out of ur price range of choice... I've found the aw1200Q series to be great... Look into them...

    oh yea... and stay away from anything sony for car audio... there's much better for the buck out there..
  6. id get the HE2

  7. It's been awhile since i talked to you huh. Well I am still thinkin fosgate, they've always been good to me....I'll look at the audiobahn though
  8. 12's sound better than 15's in my opinion, make sure when you are looking at these though, you look at watts rms not peak power, peak power really doesnt mean anything.
  9. Who decided that indefinitely a 12 sounds better than a 15? For all given purposes, a 12 from a speaker series simply won't be as loud as its 15" sibling. It probably won't play as low either. BTW, you can fit a 15 in a good ported box in an sn95 coupe and still get to the spare.
  10. well im gunna disagree.. id go 12 over a 15 any day.. especially in the trunk space mustangs have though you could get that same sony sub online much cheaper .. if you still wanted sony..
  11. ermm.. for the record... u can't get a 15 to sit up and point toward the trunk opening for maximum sound quality. It just won't fit... so technically... i doubt that there's anyway to get to the spare. since it'll be laying down... plus.. we're talking about a truck not an sn95... -=]
  12. wow...so ummm, what happened?
  13. That should be an easy choice. The HE2 is a way better sub, by far. The sony xplod will do just that, BOOM all over the place you'll have the dust cap laying on the floor and the voice coil unwound all over the place. When they rated the sub at 1100 MAX it was for about 1 sec. then the coils fried. What you should look at is the RMS rating on the subs, that's what matters.
    Personally I don't prefer either brand, but the RF would be the way to go in this case. Another thing, are the subs SVC, or DVC? I would go with a DVC if available because then you can bridge to 2 ohms and really get all the power out of your amp.
    What kind of music do you listen to? If you like the rock music with lots of guitar then a smaller sub would be better for response time (tighter) if you listen to rap/hip hop with heavy beats then you will most likely benefit more from the 15" (deeper).
    If you have any other questions just ask, I'll do the best I can to answer.
  14. Tiresmokn, Boy did you open a can of worms! When you ask a question about sub preference everything goes to hell. But joking aside, IMHO Sony and audiobahn shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence with RF. However, when it comes to subs, correct amplification and installation are crucial. Buy a "high end" sub, do a "low end" installation, amplify with a flea market amp and get flea market results. To get a sub to behave as it should do not cut corners. Use the proper enclosure, amplifier, etc. If you are not willing to be patient and do what needs to be done in this regard, then you may as well buy the Sony Xplod from WalMart.
  15. It's a joke for some in the business. I'll find a couple of links so you can make a BIT of sense of it.

    Here's one

    Here's another
  16. Erm, for the record, when was it determined that maximum sound quality comes from pointing the sub towards the trunk opening? It doesn't. You will have the highest SPL of a DROP IN BOX in that configuration, but the SQ and SPL will both be better if you face the subs toward the front and totally seal the front wave from the rear. Don't allow ANY of the sound waves into the back of the trunk, and force all of them through a single opening (be it the rear deck area OR the rear seat opening). The rear seat opening is easier to do since you can reduce the rattling of the rear deck much better that way.
  17. Oh, yeah, go with the RF sub if you must choose between those. Sony hasn't really made a decent car speaker in several years. Personally, I'd go with a JL 10w0 or 10w1 and give it more room to breathe.

  18. ermmmm for the record you can. [​IMG]
  19. i stand corrected and appologize... did u have to build the box inside the trunk? cuz i could hardly fit my 12's box inside... but u still have a pain in the ass to get to the spare... ::shrug:: i also have audiobahns... and i don't think they sound so bad... but maybe it's just me... i may be wrong..

  20. Pre fab subzero box I had. Just took out the back seat and slid it in on the back. You have almost a full 15 inches with the back seat frame out, and if you ditch the 460 amp/speaker deal you have a little more room inside the trunk. Can't recall off the top of the mellon.