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  1. So, I guess the pair of HX2 18 inchers I have in my 2k3 Stang won't fit either . . . I have full access to my spare tire, the stock back seat, etc. Anyone want to put some money up on this? For the record, the overall diameter of a subwoofer has NOTHING to do with how good it will sound -- kind of like saying you can't get a big block to rev fast. There a multiple determining factors on how a subwoofer can sound in a vehicle, the enclosure being the single most important one of them.

  2. :banana: EXACTLY the point I was making earlier in this thread! :nice:

    How did you fit the 18's in there (I don't remember an 18" HX2, but cool)? Are they running IB, or just small-sealed? I do believe you could actually port the trunk itself using drivers with that much displacement and tune it low enough to call elephants in the Serengeti. :hail2:
  3. well I would have to go with 2 audiobahn 1200 Q series myself ( awesome subs) but if you are looking for best bang for the buck I would probably go with the fosgate because sony sucks. But the 15" should have better efficiency(put out more noise) than a 10" or 12" in the same series. But then again Rockford Fosgate has poor signal to noise ratio's to start with. I have two 10" fosgates to give a nice balance to my system and they sound good.
  4. Woofers do not have a signal to noise ratio . . . ? This is a measure of the difference between the signal and the noise level of an amplifier's output section and has no correlation to speakers.
  5. Well, it does play ruler flat down to 15 hertz . . .

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  6. :rlaugh: no no no if your going jl or anything at that go with the w6v2 or the w7 12". if you didnt know a w7 8" has been put against a audiobahn 12" flame q and the jl dominated it so there ya go. if ya want something that BEATS with BAD**S effeciancy go with JL W7V2 or W6V2.
  7. I don't think he wants to spend that kind of change- hence the using of Sony or RF to begin with. But, I ALMOST agree with you. I like the w6v2's, but I don't like the w7's. Too enclosure sensitive. I would go for a RE XXX or an Adire Brahma, Elemental Ov2, IDMAX, Eclipse TiPro, TC Sounds 4hp, or some Funky Pups :banana: :banana: :banana:
  8. yeah brahma is bad ass too :hail2: