which supercharger is the best buy in your opinion?

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  1. neither one. these motors LOVE centri's. get a procharger.
  2. But roots style provide the infamous torque shelf...
  3. low end boost that a coyote cant use fully. let it stretch its legs a little and add boost. there's where real power is. and realiability IMO.
  4. well i personally like the roots style blower look more imo. i like how it looks mean sitting on top of that engine like that.
  5. Makes sense to me..... It already smokes the tires thru the first three gears.
    with instant boost yer just going to smokum more.

    Wow, that Keene Bell really looks sweet though! But BIG price tags!!!!!!
  6. Ford 624 SC Power Pak

    Check out the Ford Performance Parts web and read about the 624 system. It comes complete with everything and it is all tuned by actual Ford engineers who you can call and get the facts. The engine is safe-sided by the Ford supercharger program which detunes if the readings get out of line.
    As for smoking tires etc. yes it can be done easily, but for situations while driving in the city or in the mountain roads (I am in the mountains near Denver) the low end tq is awesome an can be used from a roll out without any problem. When you hit second it slams you into your seat and continues through 5th. The pull is unbelievable. This 624 system has already got the 5.0 into the 10's and 122-125. Not bad for just a transportation car, eh? The 624 is Ford sponsored and engineered for the 5.0 application. What is there not to like? You don't have to get some tuners best guess (don't get me wrong there are some great tuners out there but I would think that the Ford Racing engineers know a bit more). Now why do I believe the above to be true? Because I have the system on my 2011 GTCS along with the Ford racing suspension and Roush axle-back exhaust. Go Ford Whipple all the way - you will not regret it. Just my 2 cents worth.
  7. A positive displacement blower (roots or twin screw) is going to be very "torquey" great for light to light or drag racing. If your looking to take it to a corvette, out on the highway and want a car that feels like a rocket ship, you should really be looking at a centrifugal (Procharger or Vortec). A centrifugal charger is going to make more horsepower but less torque, which has it's benefits, like, it is a lot easier to get traction during launches. Another thing about a centrifugal, it will pull and pull and pull, while you sink deeper and deeper into your seat, they also have more consistency during road racing.

    Back to the question at hand. If I was going to go with one of the two units you have listed there, I would definitely go with the Whipple. Not only is it priced out better, on the Kenne Bell website the showed running 27 degrees of timing to make 533rwhp. When we installed the Whipple here at Steeda we were running 14-15 degrees of timing and the car was making 525 rwhp. As you can see you don't have to be so aggressive to make good power. I will give Kenne Bell some credit, he has some great features to his blower like the water cooled casing, and another thing he didn't list what PSI his kit was producing while making those numbers, so those numbers may be great considering. I hope this helps a little with everyone's decision making, and sorry this post is so long, there is just a lot that can be talked about when it comes to superchargers. I could have wrote 3 pages, if anyone would like to talk more or is interested in a supercharger feel free to give me a call at Steeda, ask for Todd.
  8. man yalll dropping that good knowledge on this thread. good stuff.
  9. and i just prefer the look of the blower that sits on top. just love that mean aggressive look. in the past youve always heard soo much good talk about the kenne bell superchargers but i think everyone else is stepping it up now. i hadnt seen many kenne bell 5.0's and that may also be since they just dropped the kits for them last months. most i see r whippled or have some sort of centri charger on them.

    so if i went with a roots style blower the next topic im guessing would be putting the power to the ground and getting traction right
  10. if i was getting a PD, the ford part is definitely the way i would go. 624 is plenty for most.

    BTW none of them are roots blowers, the are screw chargers.
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  11. yea i think id go with the frpp whipple too. kenne bell has some others also. i mean my car hasn't even come in yet so i'm just planning ahead of time. wont be in til january or february!!! so i'll probably ride it stock for a year or so and then add a blower. u guys have any other suggestions or your own personal setups
  12. nothing compares to the whine of a twin screw :nice: personally i like the frpp :)
  13. Todd (GRIPitNripIT)...I will be glad to put in a centri if you guys do the labor for free, and use my car to advertise your great numbers :D
  14. Going to look at the procharger first and compare prices to the other superchargers, will be buing in less than 3 weeks
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  15. Now that we're 3 and 1/2 years out from this post, look at how many VMP's and Roush's there are out there compared to any of the centri's. Got my VMP in in Feb..577/518 on CONSERVATIVE tune with 9# boost.
  16. My 2011 5.0 M6 is ProCharged. 10.89 @ 128 on 10lbs of boost, and 19s radials. I'm very happy with the ProCharger!