Which Supercharger?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 88stangracer, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. Planning a blower in the future. (tax returns oh yea) Any preferences?

    -ProCharger P1-SC
    -Vortech S-Trim
    -Kenne Bell twin screw
  2. what is the rest of your engine combo?
  3. once again all this depends on what your setup is and wat you want out of your car. If you want a nice street strip car then there are many chargers to choose from. If you want a mean strip car only then you there are different setups available. so think for a bit then tell us wat you went then we can really help you :nice:
  4. oh ya you should avtually post this in the power adder forum for some really good answers :D .
  5. Nobody ever answers in that room, but,, there all nice, exacly as said above , depends on what you want to so, race? daily driver? play car? And what is already done to your car....
  6. street/drag

    its going to be mostly street but see the track every so often, say 3-4 times a month. Right now I just have a 302 with
    -trick flow upper and lower
    -Mac equal length headers
    -Off road h pipe
    -dual chamber flowmasters
    -255lph intank fuel pump
    -Kirban adj fuel reg.
    -mac cold air induct
    -electric fan
    -MSD 61al
    -MSD Blaster coil
    -Zoom clutch
    -SSM Lowers
    -subframe conn.
    (still speed density, converting to mass air once I get to NC)
    I'm planning to rebuild completely once I get back to NC, 306 with what I have now plus TFS Heads, forged pistons, rods, crank milled, 70mmTB, C&L MAF once i get the blower i'm gonna get a custom grind cam. Then take it to Holcomb Motorsports do the whole dyno and chip burning. Just can't decide which blower. Leaning towards the Procharger....but just want some feedback posi or neg.
  7. the firs thing is you need a pro-m maf with a blower, If your going to do all that then any centrifical is good, doont buy the kenne bell if you want a drag car. the ken bell's a awesome for daily drivers with a lot of low end, but the centrifical kills it in high rpm situations. I would say if you can afford the procharger than go for it, but a vortech sq v-2 is alot cheaper....even the little vortech/paxton makes a great add on. for 1650.00! And you can pulley them to make more boost.. Oh yeah, and you need a set of 42# injectors, and a msd boost retard managment to add to your msd box......
  8. I have heard alot of bad about powerdyne's and some good, but mostly bad...... search for old post in the power adder section and you will see....
  9. I have the Vortech V1 SC-trim and very happy with it. It was mainly a money issue, how much I wanted to spend. I would have rather had the Kenny Bell but it was twice as much as what I paid for the Vortech.
  10. ProCharger P1-SC, best money can buy.... there intercooled:)
  11. opps.... double post.......
  12. ATI ProCharger P1-SC intercooled... stick with the speed-density and just buy a Accel DFI Gen 7 setup, lol, if money is not an issue...
  13. I'd go with the Strim, its very reliable, not overly loud, puts out good power, comes with a 3 year warrenty, and if you buy one now you get $100 back. In my opinion its the best for the money.