Which Supercharger?

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  1. Well, looks like I might have a little money to spend. So, 03 GT with a goal of 550-600 whp. I'm not sold on turbo kits for daily drivers, and I'm not a big fan of centri's, so that leaves us with Torque Tech or Kenne Bell. The 2.1L KB is to small so that moves me to the 2.6. The TT 1900 kit says it has more than enough ability for my goal, but does it really? KB says the 2.1 will go well over 500, but the efficency dies much past 10psi and the 1900 is smaller so not sure about it. Opinions please..........
  2. Opinions? Go centri. You'll go faster for less. There's a reason why MMR/ Lethal/Livernois and all the others don't use PD blowers for their race cars.
  3. I'm looking more for bottom end grunt. Car is a dd that if it ever makes it to a track, it will be a autocross event or road course. I like to fix understeer issues with the throttle. With the torque, won't have as much down shifting to do. I can't heel/toe worth a damn, so that works for me.

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  4. I'd go with a TVS of some sort (Tork Tech makes the kits for them).

    I'm not sure about the 1.9 and how much power it'll support, but I know the 2.3 will do a lot. A local guy in my area made 750 rwhp through an automatic and runs mid-8s on a 2.3 TVS (4-valve setup, pretty much max effort). That's also what comes on the new GT500s and ZL1s. They are an awesome blower; within 1 or 2% of the efficiency of a twin screw, plus a lot more low end torque. They'll certainly be taking from Kenne Bell's and Whipple's market share over the coming years.
  5. The TVS is a very nice option, maybe the best in the 600 hp range. An easy but lesser option would be an Eaton like they use on the Cobra's, which means you could easily get all the parts and it would run like factory Ford, because it is.
  6. Yeah, if I could do it all over again I would either go with the kb 2.6 tuner kit or the tvs tork teck kit. Most likely the tork teck.
  7. Define little money to spend? You're not going to hit 550-600rwhp reliably without sinking at least $10-15K into your car....especially if keeping it a daily driver is your goal. Have you got that kind of scratch? If not, I suggest a more realistic horsepower goal.
  8. ^^agreed. Your engine isn't going to hold up to that with stock internals. Trust me I know from experience
  9. Yea dude you would wanna start being able to put that power to the ground first.
  10. And stop it.
  11. 6 piston 13" Wilwoods in front. H&R "race" springs with yellow Konis on every corner. MM connectors. It's stops and turn pretty all right. When I started with this car 2 years ago, decided to build the foundation for big Hp first. The numbers I listed will be were I'm going. 10 lbs is it for now. Probably going with 2.6 KB. Been gonna order it for a few days now, just having a hard time pulling the trigger on that much money, and it not coming with a whole car.

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  12. Don't go over 10 on the stock internals and get a good tune. You will enjoy the kb, the instant boost is a blast!
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  13. Built plenty of modular motors (most 4V) with centri's for street driven cars. I wasn't their biggest fan at first, but with a 4.10 gear you really will not notice any "lack" of power down low. Hits hard around 3000 and, frankly, helps keep the tires planted.
  14. How are those 6 piston brakes?
  15. Each caliper has six pistons.

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  16. You SN95 guys and you're stopping. Good brakes are overrated. It makes the car far more exciting to drive when you've got spindly little single piston calipers up front and drums in the back. Not knowing if the next stop, will be your last is half the fun. :banana:
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  17. Years ago, I had a Cutlass with around 400Hp equipped with 4 wheel unassisted drums. A wonderful pucker factor set up.

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  18. I've given the Vortech V3 several looks. Can a V3 make the power I'm looking for? Don't know alot about centri's.

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  19. Yes, it can get you there, though I admit to being a bit more familiar with the ProCharger setups. If you are looking to purchase new, I'd look to the V7 YSi setup for those power levels. The compressor map leaves a lot of room to grow and is nearly identical down low.

    The quality control and the fit and finish of the two TT kits I have seen have left a lot to be desired, at best. They appear to be made by hand tools by someone in their garage.
  20. ....especially with a stall ;)

    A few people thought that I had a positive displacement blower on account of how hard it pulls down low....then they scream bloody murder once I hit 4k