Which Tires and Tire Size?

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  1. I am looking to replace my tires soon.

    Before I do so, I have a few quick questions.

    1. For 2002 Mustang GT what is the tire size (17X8 or 17x9)?
    Currently, I have 245 45 R17 tires on.

    2. What are the widest Tires I can put on my Mustang without risk of rubbing against anything?

    Thank you all in advance.
  2. Your stock wheels are 17x8 and stock tire size is 245/45/17

    You can put 315's in the rear and 285's up front wihtout really rubbing. We have tons of room in our wells

    But the issue is what is the max size tire you can put on an 8" wheel. Ford did put 255/45/17's on the 94-95 Cobra, and some guys have gotten 275/40/17's to fit an 17x8 rim, but the sidewall bulge is huge and it's generally not recommended as the tire will roll over on itself in hard turns.
  3. 17x10.5 rims 315/35/17 tires for the rear
  4. Any thing bigger than 255's on an 8" wheel will be a performance sacrifice.
  5. If you keep the stock 17X8's just buy replacement 245-45's. Don't wast money on wider tires. They will just buldge and look bad.

    If you go 17X9 buy some 275-40-17's or 285-40-17's.

    Here is my 17x9 bullits on my fox with 285's

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  6. Stock wheel, def 255's max. I hated my 275's on and went back with 255's after my rear tread dissapeared.
  7. With the 8" stock rims, just stay with the 245's. If you really want wider tires, get a new set of rims.
  8. Thank you to everyone who has responded.

    After researching a lot about this on my own, asking this on the forum, and callling American Muscle about tires, the majority of the concern was on how the tires would buldge and lose out on performance if I stay with my stock 17's.

    If getting a new set of rims is the best option, which size would fit well and look good on my GT? 18x9 or 18x10's?
  9. Lol, of course they are going to talk you into a new set of rims.

    stock 17's, or either of the 18" wheels you picked will fit well...the question is what wheels do you want to run? Most go with an 18x9 front and 18x10 rear setup...unless you want to rotate and then you can do 18x9 all around.

    Once you decide what wheels you want to run, then you can pick a proper fitting tire size.

    Keep in mind, 18" wheel are typically heavier and the cost of tires for 18" vs 17" is pretty big. Also, performance may actually suffer slightly. A lot of guys go 17x9 front/17x10.5" rear for this reason.
  10. It depends on what you're wanting to get out of the upgrade. The 10" width makes sense if you're going to race a bit (legally, of course), but the cost per tire is big. 10" in front won't work, so you'll have a staggered look.

    18" vs. 17" depends on how much sidewall you want. Going from a 245/45/17 to a 265/35/18 will not require any speedo recalibration, but you lose 1/2" of sidewall. As Mustang5L5 showed you, the larger rims weigh more and the tires cost more.

    I had to consider all of this when I switched. I ended up with 18X9's and 265/35/18 all the way around. I was going strictly for looks since the car will never see track time. After I lowered it, I got exactly what I was looking for.

    Maybe you should post exactly what your priorities are (looks, performance, track, etc.) and then you'll get a more definitive answer.
  11. Go with a staggered setup. It will look wayyyy better. Deep dish wheels look sick also. Just depends on what look you like.
  12. My priorities:

    I want the tires to increase performance and looks (My GT will never see the tracks ever).

    Between 18x10 rear and 18x9 front, how much will the rear bulge? Is 18x9 the biggest for front? any bigger would rub against the side walls right?

    Anyone have a picture of such set up?
  13. In addition, would having deep dish front and back without the staggar look be stupid at all? Anyone run deep dish front and back? Any pictures?
  14. I have a 2002 mustang with 255/40/17. What taller tire size can use with a 17x9?