Which tires for '68 coupe


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Dec 30, 2003
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Hello everyone,

I have a fully restored '68 coupe with 15x6" American Racing Salt Flat wheels, and am currently running 195/65R15 Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires. The tires are in great shape, just too old so it's time to replace. Looking to stay with current size or move to 205/60R15's, but options are limited, so I am wondering what type of tires others are running & have had good luck with. I have boiled down my choices to BFG Radial TA's (am hesitant though due to all the postings noting the RWL's turning brown), Yokohama 740GTX, BFG Advantage Sport or Cooper CS5. My car is pretty much a fair weather cruiser so I think the R' TA's will probably look the best while the other 3 will ride & handle better. Anyone have any experience with these last 3, or have other recommendations?

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