Which Wax to Use?

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  1. I had my car paitned at Maaco about 2 months ago and wanted to wax it now. Which wax would be the best for the job? Thanks, Phil
  2. Since the paint is new, try to find one that doesn't have any "cleaning" properties in it. Car detailing is a lot of trial and error + personal prefernece.

    I use Mothers brand products for car wax, wheel polish
    I use about 3 or 4 terry towels to get all of the dried wax off and then a slightly damp dust rag (real fine cloth) to get all of the wax dust off

    Remember to wax the car out of direct sun light because the heat from the sun won't let the wax dry and you'll get wax swrils... Or just do it early in the morning when the sun hasn't warmed up the metal on the car...
  3. I love Meguiar's number 26. It is a pure carnuba wax, so no cleaning properties like srothfuss mentioned above.
  4. ZAINO, way better than meguiars or mothers
  5. Just use spit shine.