which welder do you prefer?

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  1. Hi guys
    I wast Tearing down the mustang today and when I ripped out the carpet I saw that I need new floor panels...great. Then looking up underneath the dash....leaky cowl vent, too. Double great. I already knew that I needed to replace the torque boxes, front cross member, and radiator support. Up until now, I was just going to take it in and have those components replaced. Now, I'm thinking that having a shop replace all those parts will cost me bukoo bucks.

    I have limited welding experience but am not afraid to learn how to do it. I think I have access to an arc welder (just have to ask grandpa if I can borrow it for "extended use") but am unsure if welding panels on a car is the best application for it.

    Before I go out and borrow, rent, or buy a welder, what type of welder do y'all prefer? Any feedback in this regard would be most helpful.
  2. I have the standard Lincoln wire-feed MIG. Miller makes an excellent rig too.
  3. I've got the Lincoln MIG as well. Love it.

    We didn't have the MIG kit to start with (was just flux core) and I did some practice with it like that and it pretty much sucked. But after we got the MIG kit, I went straight to my floor pan and was turning out some nice, pretty looking welds w/o too much effort.

  4. Sweet. I was looking at either the Hobart Handler 125, the Lincoln weld-pak 100, or the Clarke 130EN Mig.

    Looking at other posts here, it looks like my grandpa's stick welder would not be a good choice....as far as novice operation goes.