Which/What Car cover do you have?

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  1. Post pics if availble? just curious which kind i should purchase, how much i should spend, and if it is all weather/waterproof . etc
  2. My car cover's a house. :p Seriously though..I've used them a couple times in the past and they had gotten dirty and scratched the paint slightly on one of my other cars.
  3. well i normally would use my garage too, but stupid grandma temporarily living in my house and all her crap is in my space, im not use to my car getting dirty this fast after washing it, and ive had alot of bird poop encounters lately so wanna cover it up while im out at work too or somthing.

    I was think about this one from SLP as its only priced around $140, heh id prefer not to have their logo tho,heh


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  4. California Cra Cover. It was like 200 I think but the fit and fabric is awesome.
  5. If I have my car outdoors for any reason overnight, this is the cover I use.


    Very nice, and it is almost completely waterproof. Has a lifetime warranty also. It drizzled one day, and not a drop touched the paint. It fits perfect, and is very tight. It also comes with straps front and back you can use to prevent it from going anywhere in high wind. I never used them becuase it fits really snug. Never had any problems with scratches. I just put it on the car inside out on occasion, and wash it off before washing my car. Very easy.

    For indoor storage, I bought a car blanket. Much easier than dealing with the cover, and I can have it dry cleaned if I need to. Just throw it on, and that is all.

    This site has good comparisons on a lot of different covers out there, and they ship very quickly.
  6. I have a Wolf from Summit for about $150. You dont want to be taking it on and off the car when it is dirty though.