which wheels do you like?

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  1. Which look do you like better?




  2. Definitely the bottms
  3. Definitely the 68 wheels. You just need some center caps. I dont think the others look good at all, they look like temporary wheels.

    If you get the center caps, get the 69 plain ones not the ones that say GT on them.

    Like this. You can probably find a used set on ebay cheaper.

  4. i don't like the second setup............or the first, unless you put some hubcaps on them........ for what ever my opinion is worth, i'd try and find a set of old school Cragers, aluminum slots, or Keystones ( the ones with the black spokes)
  5. I like the second set, not liking the first so much.
  6. second set is my vote... but totally separate, I love the white walls!
  7. #2 no question. As already said by another poster, there are other options other there that would compliment the car even better.