which will be faster 07 shelby GT500, or 06 saleen SC, both stock.

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  1. I didn't read all of this, but just wanted to throw in an observation. You guys might already know this but GENERALLY:

    10hp = 100lb
    100lb = .1 ET

    So "generally", if you remove or add 100lbs from your car, it's like removing or adding 10hp. So, GENERALLY, the GT500 requires an extra 50hp to push that extra 500lbs just as fast as a 3500lb 450hp car.

    I stress generally, because sometimes (ha) these threads get very argumentative and these figures are loose and fairly accurate.
  2. What about the Saleen S281 EXTREME???

    SPECIFICATIONS 2006 SALEEN S281 Extreme Coupe

    Curb Weight, lb. est 3550
    Weight Distribution, F/R 53/47
    Fuel Capacity, gal. 15.7
    Wheelbase, in. 107.1
    Track, F/R 63.9/62.8
    Width 74.0
    Length 189.1
    Height 56.0
    Trunk Space, cubic ft. 12.3

    Type 4.6L, 3V, SOHC V-8
    Bore and Stroke 3.55 x 3.54 in.
    Displacement 4.6 liters, 281 cu in.
    Crankshaft Special Saleen Forged Steel
    Connecting Rods Saleen Forged Steel
    Pistons Saleen Forged Aluminum
    Exhaust System Saleen 2 ½” performance center exhaust system
    Horsepower 550 bhp @ 6100 RPM
    Torque 500 lbs-ft Torque @ 4900 RPM

    Fuel Premium Unleaded 91 Octane
    Air Filter Saleen performance air filter
    Saleen Intercooled Supercharger Saleen Series VI Integrated TwinScrew Supercharger With Two-Stage Water-To-Air Intercooler System; Cast 356-T6 aluminum alloy construction
    Inlet Tube Saleen design high-flow inlet tube and air box cover
    Radiator Saleen Performance dual-core radiator and high flow cooling system
    Calibration Saleen Powerflash™ Performance
  3. I don't know, what about it??

    Base MSRP on the Saleen S281 Extreme coupe is $68345. That doesn't include the $2025 you're going to want/need to spend on the Michelin Pilot Sport II 285/30R20 tire upgrade so the thing'll actually hook up half-decently off the line, and the $665 for the Shaker 500 that the Shelby comes standard with, and another $1314 if you want chrome wheels.

    So have fun with your $72K Mustang, that could maybe hang with a C6 Z06 in a straight line for a bit (before it hits wind-brick-city), and would get toasted crispy on any road course or windy road. Yes, the Extreme, on paper (nobody's actually tested one yet) should be stronger than the Shelby, but.... Take a Shelby and add a few thousand bucks in the typical requisite bolt-on mods, and you're faster again with $25K left in your pocket.

    I'm not dogging the Saleen, hell, I forked over for a brand new S351 Speedster in '97. But with the Saleen, it's more about going fast for the money. It's extreme rarity, future collectibility, and just "that's neat" factor. It's a novelty that's worth it if you can justify it and afford it.
  4. I just wanted to get it out there that the S281 E is pretty amazing. Lot of money yes, but amazing none the less. no direct comparison to GT500. but the Extreme is Saleens top model and the GT500 is Fords. anyways, I am willing to bet that the Saleens 3V, SC, and E will out manuvuer the GT500, I have no hard facts on that but I have heard tid bits here and there about the laziness on Fords part with the GT500 suspension. just rumors though, so dont kill me.
  5. You could be right, just on weight alone it's got a handling advantage, and Saleen has pretty sharp chassis development...
  7. The Saleen I had on my dyno put down 360-370RWHP stock. The roush's about 355rwhp.
  8. Im going to Dyno my 05 281 s/c stocker next week we'll see what she duz.
    Thanks for the info, it gives me something to compare to, Im thinking my car is a little sluggish.
  9. As with any forced-induction car, it's going to suffer dramatically in the moist hot summer heat. I don't even bother pulling my S351 out during the summer time, it's just frustrating as it runs like a fat pig. Get into fall, and better, winter, and then she runs proper...
  10. Yep. Generally, I love Florida - wouldn't want to live anywhere else....but my SC car ran like crap in the summer, that's for sure!
  11. i am very interested to know if the extreme can actually beat the the shelby...the conversation stalled b/c someone mentioned price....but the shelby is being solded at the dealers in orlando for 74,000....so the conversation is legitimit again. So which is faster? does anyone have an extreme? or a shelby?

  12. I asked this question a while back and a quick look at the performance specs off Saleen's website shows a LOT of modifications for the Extreme. We're talking balanced aluminum driveshaft, flywheel, forged internals, 15 inch disk brakes, and no speed limiter (I think the Shelby has one..)

    Stock for stock, the Extreme is more powerful (more HP plans on alternative tunes for 07 bumping 600hp), and the car is published as being lighter, although I don't know how that happened...

    FYI - below is some of the E mods:

    Curb Weight, lb. est 3356
    Weight Distribution, F/R 53/47
    Fuel Capacity, gal. 15.7
    Wheelbase, in. 107.1
    Track, F/R 62.8/63.9
    Width 74
    Length 189.1
    Height 56
    Trunk Space, cubic ft. 13.1

    Type 4.6L, 3V, SOHC V-8
    Bore and Stroke 3.55 x 3.54 in.
    Displacement 4.6 liters, 281 cu in.
    Crankshaft Special Saleen Forged Steel
    Connecting Rods Saleen Forged Steel
    Pistons Saleen Forged Aluminum
    Exhaust System Saleen Stainless, 2.5 in. Variable Exhaust
    Horsepower 550 bhp @ 6100 RPM
    Torque 525 lbs-ft Torque @ 4900 RPM
    Fuel Premium Unleaded 91 Octane
    Saleen Intercooled Supercharger Saleen Series VI Integrated TwinScrew Supercharger With Two-Stage Water-to-Air Intercooler System; Cast 356-T6 Aluminum Alloy Construction
    Radiator Saleen Performance dual-core radiator and high flow cooling system
    Calibration Saleen PowerFlash™ performance calibration
    Intake Saleen Design Hi-Flow Inlet Tube and Air Box
    Fuel Injectors 39 lbs.
    Mass Airflow Sensor 98mm

    Transmission Saleen Quick Ratio 6-Speed Transmission
    Differential Saleen 4.10:1 Maxgrip™ Differential
    Clutch High performance clutch
    Flywheel Light Weight Aluminum
    Driveshaft Balanced Aluminum

    Saleen Aluminum Hood w/ Heat Ventilation
    Saleen Design Injection Molded TPO Front Facia
    Saleen Carbon Fiber Front Splitter
    Saleen Front Aero Ducting
    Saleen Design Injection Molded TPO Side Skirts and Door Cladding
    Saleen Design Injection Molded TPO Rear Facia
    Saleen Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
    Saleen Design Front Grille
    Saleen Integrated Front Turn Signals
    Saleen Center Body Panels (rear)
    Saleen Design Rear Spoiler and End Caps
    Saleen High Intensity Headlamps (HID)

    Saleen Designed Quarter Window Trim Optional
    This Saleen designed quarter window panel gives the S281 “Extreme” a unique race inspired profile by adding a body colored panel on the outside of the quarter window as well as a Saleen branded black-out panel on the inside.

    Saleen Scenic Roof Optional
    Extend your driving pleasure with the installation of a high quality tempered glass roof. The structurally sound glass roof is tinted and has been tested to meet all federal safety requirements. This option completely replaces the roof of your coupe and

    Springs Saleen specific rate front and rear springs
    Struts Saleen front struts (N2)
    Shocks Saleen rear shocks (N2)
    Control arms Boxed lower control arms
    Axle Three link live rear axle panhard rod
    Front MacPherson strut with lower control arm;
    Saleen Racecraft system including N2
    struts with linear-rate coil-over springs;
    1.38-in. tubular stabilizer (anti-roll) bar
    with urethane pivot bushings; specially
    calibrated suspension settings
    Rear Live axle located by three links plus
    a Panhard rod; Saleen Racecraft
    system including direct-acting,
    linear-rate coil spings and N2 shocks;
    0.79-in. stabilizer (anti-roll) bar; specially
    calibrated suspension settings

  13. I have a 2007 Shelby GT500. I have not raced a S281 Extreme. But its hard to beat the 4v 5.4 in the GT500 they seem to respond well to small mods. Pulley and CAI car are gaining 70-80 rwhp
  14. I think he's talking stock for stock. If we're talking mod then its a no brainer. The 5.4 will get you a LOT more than the 4.6 3V. No replacement for displacement.

  15. 07 gt and s281 extreme

    To the guy hating on the saleen and saying that a Z06 will destroy it, is wrong. If you check online for the times a Z06 does the 1/4 mile in 12.2 seconds. The time on the s281 extreme is 12.1 seconds. Both of those sell for 65 and over and if you go out to your local dealer the gt500 aint to cheap even though its supposed to be 45 grand, went to my local dealer and its going for 60. On top of everything you cant compare the gt500 to the saleen. The gt500 is pretty much bolt on and some suspension. The saleen has its racing suspension in it sway bars carbon fiber front and rear air diffusers and you could pretty much look on the site for the aftermarket motor parts they put in and everything else. The saleen is pretty much track ready put some slicks on it and your ready to go. plus there is only a 100 made a year. Theres a reason the svt is so cheap bolt on charger some suspension and wheels and tires look at the extensive list at why the s281 E is that much and how its worth it. Im not bashing the gt500 either i love mustangs and own a 2006 s281 e its just that thats the facts stock to stock the saleen is better. If your talkin just straight 1/4 mile with some aftermarket stuff on the gt500 than yea but also think of some more power you can put into a s281. There is always something out there faster than what you have, but like i said compared to the way they are now stock there is no comparison.
  16. In the real world ranger has taken his c6Zo6 stock to 11.2 and doctor major did 11.3
  17. 1. Going to websites for your performance statistics is called "bench racing", a favorite practice amongst teenagers and the hopelessly car-clueless...

    2. At my local NHRA-sanctioned track, I've seen several different stock Z06 Corvette's with adequate drivers run mid-high 11's in the 1/4 mile.

    3. You probably got that 12.1 1/4 mile time for an S281E from Saleen's website... Take that time with a grain of salt...

    4. If you really want to predict the tale of the tape, just divide the S281E horsepower by its weight, and do the same with the Z06. You'll find that the laws of physics must be bent into a pretzel for the Saleen to win. Use an honest weight also. Again, I've never seen the stats on the Saleen website replicated. My S351 weighs 200 lbs more than what it was specced to weigh, and MM&FF magazine found similar weight inaccuracies with the 05-up S281 Supercharged. Maybe they fill the tires with helium when Saleen runs their measurements?

    5. The GT500 is pretty-much a "bolt-on" car?? LOL!!! Man, did your credibility just swirl down the crapper. Jeez, but hey, what you don't know, can't hurt you I suppose, right? ;) Last I know (and correct me if I'm wrong), Saleen's brakes, sway bars, springs, struts and blowers were all out-sourced to aftermarket suppliers like Brembo and Bilstein, using private-label contracts... Now who's really guilty of playing "bolt-on"??

    6. Lastly, that's not a dig against Saleen at all. I respect the guy and the products IMMENSELY. Just trying to bring a bit of REALITY back to an old stale thread that suddenly got whacked into the Twilight Zone...
  18. heres mine
    06 gt windveil
    saleen sc 10#