Which Wire Goes Where? (Audio)

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  1. So I'm getting ready to build the box for my subs and before I do so I was wondering if anyone could help me out with how to wire them to the amp? Below is a picture of my setup. I'm looking to wire the two subs in parallel to achieve a 2ohm load at the amp. Each of the subs have dual 2ohm voice coils and came with a set of jumpers on the sub. Could anyone tell me which numbered wire would have to attach to what other number to achieve this? I'm pretty new to the whole car audio scene having just removed the '91 factory tape deck and want to do it right.


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  2. that's a guess cause I have never seen a sub with 4 terminals on each sub
  3. They've got dual voice coils so there's 4 terminals per sub.

    Would I have to wire it in series like this?

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  4. with my 15" RF HX2's and a 2 channel amp I bridged this is what mine was and my friend (installer at a audio shop) told me I was running 2ohm

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  5. That is correct. But does your amp have one or two channels? Is it stable at 2 ohms?
  6. My amp has 1 channel and is stable up to 500watts rms at 2ohms.
  7. Then you should be good to go with that wiring diagram you mentioned. Now go wake up the neighbours! lol