Whichignition Box?

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  1. Looks like my old Summitt brand ignition box took a crap. What do you all recomend I replace it with? New Summit boxes better than the MSD still? Just a basic street/strip one, dont want or need all the bells and whistles, but the ability to add a 2 step would be nice for those few track days.
  2. I've had a Crane Hi 6 on mine since 98 with zero issues, mounted above the headers on the drivers side shock tower....
  3. What, no love for the stock ignition set up? :shrug:
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  4. not sure what all is left of the stock stuff. Previous owner had the Summit ignition wired in with no adapter harness, box leads right to coil terminals
  5. I will say it again and again. IMO unless you have a power adder, there is no reason to put any aftermarket ignition on a Fox 5.0. Better money spent elsewhere.
  6. Its on a fully built 333 h/c/i and a 70mm turbo!
  7. Try leading with that next time. ;)
  8. OK, gonna test the Summit box for failure, how to I bypass it. Is it really as simle as disconnecting the wires that go from the factory wiring harness to the red and white wires of the MSD/Summit box and plugging them in to the coil?
  9. I would look at the Crane Digital Ignition. I would avoid anything MSD.
  10. Ive been looking at specs and recomendations and I do believe i'll stay away from MSD. Now if i could only trace down whay i'm not getting spark even after bypassing the Summit igniton and going back to sock
  11. im an MSD fan... i got a 6AL2 in my car. mainly wanted it for the way MSD does the rev limiter over the stock limiter and i wanted the 2 step.
  12. As far as I know ProComp builds a lot of private label stuff for Summit and Jegs. I'm sure your Summit box is just a ProComp piece, that being said I would steer clear! MSD for me too, even after all of the problems. I have no good reason for thinking this about MSD however..
  13. I've had an MSD 6BTM on my supercharged car since 2005. No problems whatsover.

  14. Im afraid to say anything about ignition cause ive replaced every fn ignition part more than once (i have all msd stuff) with my msd 6al-2 being the only surviving ignition part. Now about the only msd thing i would buy again along with their super conductor spark plug wires is the 6al-2 cant beat the price of that little powerful 2 step box especially when they offer it with a free msd blaster coil. It has lived in my enginebay for 5 years in the heat still going (im gonna be really fn unhappy if it takes a sheot anytime soon now after this post!)
  15. I hated my msd wires so much they are in the trash now. I could never be 100% sure they were on. I have moroso ultra 40's and couldn't be happier now.
  16. we run the ultra 40's also... but i think they next set is going to be fire cores with the promod boots
  17. I've been running MSD 6AL for a year now, no issues. Wanted the electronic rev limiter with the blower. I mounted mine inside, on the passenger side trans hump to keep it away from the heat.

  18. really i love mine i have the ones with the straight plug boot which gives me great header clearance, and they have dual plug connections in each spark plug boot which sometimes does give you a weird feeling when you push them on feels like it backs off a little but in reality they are still making great contact. Im using the same set for 5 years and i can say for sure i could feel a difference after swapping them out for those JUNKY ford racing wires!, i do agree the moroso ultra 40 are great wires! for the money i went with the msd super condutors only wire i found in that price range with 40-50 ohms of resistance
  19. What makes the Ford Racing wires "Junky"? :shrug: