Whine From Aod After Repair

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by mhjo, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. After I got the car back from repair (the AOD was taken out/in) I hear a high Pitch tone when going downhill in 3. and the same sound when going in OD in 60 mph.
    The sound wasn't there before.

    The pith/tone does not yary, neither in volume or Pitch.
  2. Sounds like linkage was changed from old adjustments and is struggling to completely engage in higher gears. I would check linkage adjustments. Did they do any work on it?_
  3. It sounds like there is a seal leaking in those gears causing a lack of pressure to give complete engagment of gears. But thus is unlikely unless they either rebuilt or did trany flush
  4. Usually it is the car's owner that makes a whining sound after an auto transmission is fixed. It is caused by the large bill.
  5. Happy ending: Shims changed and problem solved.
  6. What shims??? Please share!
  7. Sorry for the language, it's not a shim but rather what we in my langauge call sim-ring.
  8. If I understand you, that is important and I am glad you got it fixed.