whining noise from power steering

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  1. I have a96 Mustang V6 3.8L. There was a loud whining noise comming from my power steering pump. so I had it replaced the noise does not happen when i turn the steering wheel anymore, but when i hit 1500 to 2000 rpm its stars again, is there anything i could do to stop the noise plz tell me here is.Tnx :damnit:
  2. Everyone has the same problem. It seems to be a Mustangism that nothing can be done about.

    I'm not convinced it's the PS pump. If you trace the noise using a mechanic's stethescope (or just a metal rod), there's a lot of noise coming from the alternator bearings. The vibration might just be migrating from the PS pump, though. If it is the pump, I wonder if some of that power steering pump condtioner would help? Probably not- it's not a lubricant- just a seal conditioner.
  3. Are you sure it's the power steering pump?
  4. Gotee Man, where in IL are your from?
  5. I like that slight whining when im at high revs hauling ass, cuz it makes me feel like i hear a supercharger. :D
  6. power steering whine

    Well I'm sure it's not the power steering pump. cause i replaced it. it is quieter while i'm ideling but still makes noise, while i'm at high rpm's.
    I'm in chicago. zincyellow.
    I was thinking it might be the pulley bearing's but still not sure, I am seriously considering replacing the alternator also. I will find out what it is even if i have to replace alot of part. but it will take some time considering i'm working with a limited budget. lol
    thnx to all of you that reply, and thanx for trying to help. :bang: :nice:

  7. Could it be the belt slipping?