Drivetrain Whining On Deceleration

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Stevo93gt, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Ok so I've had this 93 gt for a month or so. When I got it it had some rear end issues. I didn't have time to fix its self which I don't have a lift anyway or some other tools needed. Anyway the axl shafts got replaced along with the bearings and a few other things. They said the pinion and carrier bearings were ok I think. I also had the brakes done and a throttle body service and cleaning. So now that I have it back I'm getting a whine on deceleration in pretty much all the gears. It totally goes away when i am giving it gas and from what I can tell it goes away when I push in the clutch and if it's in neutral. It's not like a terrible sound just kinda of annoying. What is going on????
  2. When was the last time you changed the transmission fluid in your T5? could be the problem.Also it could be your throwout bearing making the noise.
  3. sounds like you gears. Go to a different mechanic. If the pinion depth isn't set properly, you will whine on either acceleration or when coasting/deceleration. That is why they check the pattern of the pinion to rear end contact.
  4. Yep, sounds like a rear gear setup problem. Sounds like not enough preload on carrier and is allowing the gear teeth to ride on the edges.


  5. Hay man thanks a lot. I was talking to a friend of mine today and he said the exact same thing you did. My mustang is my DD for the next month or so bc my wife is driving my Toyota. It's probably going to be a couple days before I can get it to the shop, is it going to cause any damage driving for a couple days?
  6. Hard to say until you take it apart- if the oil look like metal flake then the gears were set up wrong. If youve been driving for a month with that whining your gears are already meshed. My experience is once a set of gears whines and you drive with them for more than a few hundred miles, they always will. When you install a new set, there is a break in period or you will wipe out the gears so who know what happened on the first 500 miles.

    Again sound like they did not set the pinion preload correct,the depth is wrong, or bad pinion bearings.