Whiny noise in first gear

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by fireguy266, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. I recently bought an '03 V-6 with an auto trans. There is a whine coming from the trans in first gear only. After it shifts to the next gear the noise is gone. Is this a normal noise in Mustang transmissions or should something be checked. I checked the fluid and it is fine. Other than the noise in first, the trans shifts perfectly. Any comments?
  2. The noise is normal, as long as it isn't excessively loud. a light whine in first gear is normal. And a slightly louder whine in reverse is also normal.
  3. Thanks Mustang Lx. I'm sort of trying to get used to all the different noises that came with the car. Sheeze, there are plenty. Never owned a Ford product before so its new to me. Also have a whine from the power steering pump but found out that was also normal. Someone on the forum suggested taking out some power steering fluid with a turkey baster and replacing it with Lucas Power Steering additive, which I did. Haven't driven the car since then so I don't know if it works yet. Only was able to replace about 4 ozs using the turkey baster.
  4. Be careful replacing a lot of your PS fluid with an additive. The fluid has properties that the additive doesn't, and you might shorten the life of your pump.
    Mustangs are known for PS pump whine, even when everything is working, but you can almost eliminate the noise with an underdrive pulley (and pick up some power and MPG at the same time).
  5. How does that underdrive pulley work and is it a simple install?
  6. The underdrive pulley is a smaller diameter than your stock pulley, so with a new shorter belt it will turn your accessories at a slower speed. It shouldn't affect your alternator (unless you have a mega stereo system), and it will lower the RPM of your PS pump enough where that annoying whine will be barely noticable.

    It's not too tough to install, but you will need a harmonic balancer puller to get the old one off the crankshaft (can be rented or borrowed at most auto parts stores). The new one is pulled on with a long bolt.
  7. A turkey blaster..... Thats good!
    Well, take your turkey blaster (or suction gun), some new P/S fluid and a jug for old fluid.
    Draw out all the fluid you can from the reservior and refill it. Drive it for a day or 2 and repeat. See if it calms down after a few repititions of this. It'll do the seals & such some good. If not, the vanes in the pump are worn and will probably be noisy until the pump is replaced.
    The P/S fluid is one of the most neglected/forgotten maintenance items on a car, till there's a problem. Not too uncommon.