Whipple Superchargers In The House!!! Best Prices And Service GTD!!!

Discussion in 'Vendor Sponsor Forums' started by HPAddicts, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. HP Addicts is extremely proud to announce that we are Whipple Superchargers newest authorized dealer! If any StangNet members are looking for a great deal on these systems please contact us, our prices and service will not be beat!

  2. Thanks StangNet!
  3. Are you selling complete kits only, or will you sell just the compressors themselves or individual components separately?
  4. how much would a Black 2.3L tuner kit for a 01-04 lightning be? Thanks
  5. PM sent.


  6. PM sent.


  7. Make a whipple for my foxbody and ill buy it. :D
  8. They do! You just need to swap the right motor in that thing!
  9. Future.

    Lol... mabye sometime in the future. :nice:
  10. I need to hit a small lottery so I can buy the blower :(