Whisting intake???

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Engage47, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. OK, so wifes new MAC intake came today and she forced me to put it on NOW. first off damn them for making a filter so Fing difficult to put on. any who it whistles rather loud, whereas her previouse ebay one didnt at all. ive heard of intakes whistling before but how loud do they whistle ive got one on my 98GT and nothing. also has anyone ever figued out why they whistle???? any help is greatly appretiacted and NO there arent any vaccume leaks i checked for em already thought that might have been it. the sound is rather obnoxious.
  2. :shrug: some do and some don't, just say NO.
  3. ?just say NO?????
  4. just... say... no. It's from a movie, nevermind. You weren't at Sonic:nono:
  5. Mine whistles quite loud at a specific point in the throttle, other than that it's like a wooshing sound. Almost like a turbo without the boost and the whine of a impeller. And when you floor it, and get to like 4500 rpms, then let off, you can hear a psshhh from the air stopping and like a blow off valve lol. Untrained people think it's FI, but far from it. At most a half a percent of a ounce of boost. The whistling is just high velocity air moving through a large metal tube with some slight bends. Doesn't bother me any heh. And if she has Flow 40s, how do you hear the intake, and why does it matter? Sound of power man. Enjoy it.
  6. yeah i know i wasnt at sonic and the wife is more than pissed about that but i WAS glued to the bronco game she says that she may never want to go to any other gang meeting yeah suuurrreee. but that game was awesome, AND i thought it started at 4 not 8 over here thats why i said that i could go :rolleyes:
  7. I told you CAIs are the antichrist, but nobody believed me...
  8. you're the antichrist! :eek: They work for the most part but there kinda a waste of money. You get the same results if you... buy a K&N drop-in, remove the air silencer & the little mesh screen before the MAF. It's about the same thing and about 100$ cheeper, CAI are more for show.

    yeah, sonic starts at 7 :nice: it was ok... usually is, but it was just cold and the playoffs were on so there was only like 25 people there. GO BRONCOS btw!
  9. CAI are the antichrist. They might work, but they barely work. Ya, I agree, alot of them are for show. I also don't like how ricers have them and think they're hot chit cause they got a CAI.
  10. ricers think there hot sh1t anyway, with or with out a cai
  11. True, but they think to themselves that they're not rice because they did some "engine work" and that they're going to add a supercharger(ya right) to it.