Roush White 93-018 at PAS

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  1. I'm looking at getting into an original supercharged car. Would the white 93-018 be considered original, seeing that the supercharger was added at the dealer prior to the orginal purchase of the car, or would this not be considered original Saleen equipement?

    Also, doesn anyone know anything about this car?

    Thanks in advance

  2. If installed at the selling dealership it would not be considered a factory supercharged car, the Saleen Book list no options were factory installed on this car as shipped from Saleen on January 15, 1993......but the supercharger is a very desirable / popular aftermarket upgrade.
  3. Correct. The same was tried by the dealer in Arizona selling the 5000 mile SSC a while back.

    Unless it was installed at Saleen, it would not be considered an SC car.
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    I called this man yesterday when I got home from work. He says he is very large man and wants something more suitable for him. He bought the car from Performance Auto Sports in Virginia. He said at 6'6' and over 300lbs the car is a little small for him anymore. He seems very forth comming with any questions that I asked. Rare car with low mileage, 1993 as we all know was the end of the beloved fox Saleen..:
  5. See my sig, and it could be had for less. Mileage is 19,600.
  6. car in Ft Myers

    I work near there, so if you want someone to go see it, I would be happy to help. OOOOPS, wrong car..sorry!

    Dan C
  7. 93-018

    At one of the first SOEC events in 1993 I met Evert Amos the cars original owner.At the time he was driving a Saleen clone.A few other members and myself encouraged him to sell his clone and purchase an original Saleen.I had just purchased my 92-19 at Danielson Ford.I was happy with the service and another member had purchased 93-19.At the time very few dealers and cars were to be had so Evert purchased 93-18 at Danielson Ford and had them install the performance upgrades.Their inventory at the time included many Saleens and they also raced a few cars at the time.
  8. Thanks for the info everyone.