White Face Gauges and Pony grilles

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  1. Hey Guys,

    My wife has decided that she wants a set of white faced gauges in her 06 V6 vert. I have not had much luck finding any. Does anybody out there have some on a car and if so, can you show me some pics and let me know where they came from? Also, her car has the my color gauges in it. I can't imagine that the white faces will affect that function, am I right?

    Also, if there is anyone out there with a damaged pony package grille, I am looking for one. I am creating a custom, Shelby style grille and I need the round chrome bezels around the foglights. I am going to eliminate the rest of the pony and corral. I hate to cut up her factory grille but I will if I can't find a damaged one.

    Thanks in advance for all of your help.

  2. White gauges for our 4.0's...

    Hey Bryan... I want a set as well. The only company that I was able to find that will/might? have them for the S197 V6 is Simco. They have a great set of white gauges for the GT owners, but the V6 ones are not out yet... As soon as they become available, I wanna get a set. They look awesome.... Here is a link. Keep an eye out. If you find out when they will be available for our 4.0's, please let us know! Thanks!


    Ford Mustang Upgrade Instrument Cluster Modules by Simco Ltd.
  3. I still haven't found an overlay that has a 4 gauge set-up =/

    Those are 159 BTW, not 189 :)
  4. shooter, any pics of the final product installed in your car?