White face gauges

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  1. Has anyone used the white gauge kit from 5.0 resto? Do you have to use a soapy solution to attach these overlays?
  2. I have them on my Mustang from LMRS. Just peel off stock Black gauge and stick on white faced guage. No soap and water needed. It's a simple swap.
  3. I thought these were suppose to go over the exisiting black ones. How do you still have a black background if you take those off?
  4. I had white faces for year, the kind I had were terrible at night. I just went back to stockers and am much happier.
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  5. I did the hvac overlay but that was a single piece a lil more sturdy.These are thin stickers. The sticky back part of the hvac was more sticky then the instrument cluster so a lil worried about them staying on...
  6. I thought white face gauges went out years ago. The sticker ones look very cheap and dont work well at night.
  7. I'm gonna put led's in the cluster to make them bright
  8. I must agree even with LED's in my dash they are a lot harder to see @ night compared to the stockers.
  10. So I put the white gauges on and they look ok only problem is when I turn my parking lights on my temp gauges goes haywire but goes back to normal when I turn the car on. Anyone experience this. I did not take the needles off I slipped the gauges over them. The temperature gauge wants to do a complete circle it seems like when just the parking lights are on....

    Question number two. For the convertible top switch in the console there is four wires. Do two of the wires actuate the moving down of the top and the other two the moving up of the top? Any insight would be great.
  11. bump...any pics?
  12. I bought those whiteface gauges. As said above they were terrible at nite and in the day they were just plain jinky looking, the font was comparable to the writing on a box of firecrackers. I ended up buying a cluster from a 94/95 cobra and plugged er in, much better. Oh yeah this was for a 95 gt not the 90
  13. Even with LED's in the dash, you still get bright and dark spots in the gauge. I haven't found a set yet mad for the Fox that looks OEM, so I'll stick with my stockers.
  14. I thought those went out of fashion about 10 years ago with white face A/C gauges?
  15. I vote for Stockers too :cheers:
  16. That's because they look terrible. Plus i thought you could only buy them in a package deal with altezza tail lights :nonono:
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  17. I can't wait til black wheels go by the wayside. But the cobra gauge looks good and works well. Has 160 mph and higher redline
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  18. My black wheels rock

  19. if i could go back to stock gauges too...i would.

    thanksfully i only drive my car in the day.
  20. Yeah when I peeled off the stock black backing it came off in shreds so there was no going back. Therefore I had to buy a new cluster