Fox White Face Gauges

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  1. I just bought a 93 cobra after being out of the game for a while. I'm trying to find someone that sells the white face gauge cluster inserts. I want a decent quality one though. I dislike the ones that glow from UPR and purchased a set from late model resto but Im probably sending them back because they are stickers and the quality is not what I expected. It looks like they probably print these out on a computer. I remember MAC and BBK had nice ones but it seems like they don't manufacture them anymore. Does anyone sell the nice ones anymore?
  2. The MAC and BBK ones look great in the day, but terrible at night.

    All you really find these days are the ebay overlays, because they are cheap. IIRC, i paid almost $100 for my BBK faces..and this was in the early 2000's. made some good ones...still might. They are the glow type, but the might offer non-glow. Pricey though
  3. yea I actually like the BBK ones the most. I had saleen's too but ended up selling on ebay a long time ago. Oh well I guess Ill just have to keep an eye out
  4. You will be wanting to rip off those white face overlays in a week when you can't see the gauges at night.
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  5. Would have to agree. My BBK are not very good at night.

    An led conversion would prob help