35th Anniv White GT 35th Anniversary Edition

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  1. Hi everyone, I just purchased a 1999 white 35th anniversary edition mustang GT with 77K miles, its gorgeous!. I am not new to owning GTs, I have had an 82 with t-tops, and 88 and a 95. This is my first 4.6 lit motor... My vin # is 1FAFP42X0XF153921. Thanks!
  2. Congrats on the new purchase, your "Limited Edition" GT is one of 1 of 515 in white, but #354 of 4,628 built according to VIN sequence.

    Btw, how much did you give for it, if you don't mind me asking.

    Post some pics...even of the past GT's, I've had several also. 66,69,94 GT,95,99 GT.

  3. We paid 6500.00 for it, got it from a small lot dealer. We didn't realize the type of LE it was until we got it home and looked it up and found your site, and I don't think he realized either. I think we underpaid, what do you think the value of these LE's are? Thanks

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  4. Most would think you paid about right for a "GT", but most don't consider the "LE" that collectible...you have many opinions. But, I'd take the more handsome looking "LE" over a standard GT anyday, even pay more for it too. All the little items(hood scoop/side scoops/rear applique) that make the "Limited" what it is, most of it became standard in 2001. But several items were never duplicated(interior/unique rockers/wheels/door panels). When i bought mine new in 1999, it was quite different and people noticed, but now with Ford creating a "special" Mustang every year, people are not as impressed. But in 1999 it was a rarity. Oh well.
    I think the "Limited" should bring about $1,000 more than a similiary equipped base GT. FYI, The option (54Y) was orginally approx. $2800.00

  5. As long as I didn't get ripped off makes me feel better. Its a great car. I had to sell my 95 GT a few years ago because I had a baby and I never got over losing that car! Thats why I decided to go Mustang shopping and found this one. I am impessed with it so far, I wish they stayed with the 5.0 motor for the newer models though.
  6. I also had a 94 GT(Laser Red/17" tri spokes) before this one, I didn't really miss it. The 99 had more hp, which felt better.

  7. I have another question, the black decal on the hood is cracked like it needs to be replaced.. What should I do to replace it?
  8. They make reproductions, or you can have it painted on which seems to be a popular option.
  9. yeah most either remove it and other replace it with black vinyl or paint it. I like the painted idea best. But the finish would have to be as close to original as possible. If I ever have to repaint the entire car, I'd go this route.
  10. I picked up an in-the-box Ford OEM part on eBay a few years ago for $20! You can try your dealer, the PN is XR3Z-632000-BAA or you can Bing (or Google) "Mustang 35th Hood Decal" and you'll get links for several aftermarket sources.
  11. Thanks! I will check that out.:)
  12. Some more pics of Gerty

    Some more pics

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  13. Interior pics

    More pics...

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  14. As being a 35th "LE" owner for so long, I can usually tell what kind of life the car has lived by looking at the front driver's seat alone. Yours looks in very good condition, as if the previous owner cared for the car to some amount. Mine has held up well also, but not because I didn't care for them though.
  15. Thanks, thats good to hear coming from an expert :) I am very happy with the car. I almost got a 2001 Red GT instead of this one.. The dealer was 2 hours away and had a really dioscouraging picture in the classified ad for the LE. I was afraid to take the 2 hour drive, I'm glad I did.. I didn't realize it was a limited edition until after I bought it and did the research. It does need a paint job eventually, but great deal for 6495 :)
  16. Very nice, and an auto like mine. :)
  17. Dont talk to me about seats.... :nono:

  18. ;)

    I hear ya!