white mustang: black or chrome rims?!

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Cobnial, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. I have a white mustang 2006. Do you guys think black rims would look better or chrome wheels?
  2. 100% Chrome
  3. Either can be pulled off...

    Any pics and which rims are you looking at?
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  5. Black. Looks sick on white and saves some coin.
  6. I definately think the black. Black on white looks really good
  7. you cant go wrong with either choice.
  8. I will never get another set of chrome wheels again. They are way too much work. If you do not keep them spotless all the time the chrome will start to pit.
    I have pitting issues on a set of 22" right now because I don't drive my truck that often so stuff collects on them. Even with frequent washes you have to really stay on top of keeping them clean.
  9. Definitely black! They'll be a hell of a lot cheaper and a little lighter as well. Don't get black with a stainless steel lip though. They never seem to look right. If they're not perfectly clean, they just look cheap to me.
  10. Black will look the best in my opinion, and like everyone has said it'll also be easier to maintain.
  11. Should i go with what i have now or black?
  12. IMO, keep looking. Everyone has the Bullitt rims.
  13. Too many people have black...and I agree...Bullit rims won't set your Stang apart. I did my stock alloys in white to see if I'd like the way white looks. I like it but it's a love/hate thing for most...

  14. personally, if you are buying aftermarket wheels, get something other than Bullitts. nothing wrong with them, except 9 out of 10 mustangs have them. set yourself apart if you are shelling out your money for wheels. but if just have to have Bullitts, i'd get black and have them painted to match the white. saw a Mustang this past weekend at Mustang Week done like that and it looked sick! i just like to try to be different when i buy wheels.

  15. I agree whole heartedly! Too many bullit wheels out there. Nothing WRONG with them...but I wouldn't buy 'em. Definitely doesn't set you apart...unless you customize them (white bullits? I like that idea) . My mustang might not be the "coolest" but I know that I wont see one that looks the same in a parking lot.

    Cobnial - let's see some pictures of the ride! I'll photoshop it and try to give you an idea of what you'd be looking at...