white on green decal

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by bigwille, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. It would look good on a Matchbox car!

    Too over the top, except if maybe you bolt a set of longhorns to the hood.
  2. *two thumbs way, waydown*
  3. Now, I know I might seem like a hypocrit, since a majority of my cars still have the big gawky factory stripes..........but I don't like em
  4. I think the coloring is fine, but I don't really car for those decals. But atleast yours looks more original. Is it custom made? All that matters is if you like it.
  5. Too busy of a decal for a car in my opinion. Just too much. Might make a killer tattoo though.
  6. holy crap...as was said before::::notnice::notnice::notnice::notnice:. Take out your 3.6L and put in a 1.5, a fartcan and a big wing and it would look great!
  7. You mean 3.8 :D
  8. duh...yeah..you know what I meant...
  9. i'm not a big fan myself but do what ya like
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  11. :lol:

    with shiny rims like that, i think the decal adds a little too much. i would pick one or the other.
    preferably the rims.

    yeah definitely.

    with stangs, usually what i've found is the cleaner the better.