Roush White wheel People>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by mattch2, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. my white rims have little cracks in them and Id liek to have them look brand new again for the spring.....Im curiosu if anyone has had there rims either repowdercoated or even painted......Would haveing them painted work ok? or do you think they will prolly just chip in no time....
  2. Little cracks in the wheels or in the paint? The paint cracking is one thing, the wheels, now that's another but I wouldn't put it past Saleen wheels. They have known to crack. If they are real, Saleen will replace a cracked wheel.
    Painting is easy and you can choose so many shades of white ( and there are many ). I myself prefer powdercoat, especially for white wheels. Just make sure your guy knows how to powdercoat. These white 94-98's are powdercoated. Much more durable when you are mounting and dismounting tires. My guy does excellent work, just ask Robert but I'm in Los Angeles. I bet there are a few guys near you that can powdercoat. I think I paid $50 or 75 per wheel. It is always a smoking deal with this guy but he does a lot of work for me. :D
    Good luck.

  3. .....Yep, I have to agree, his wheel guy is good and this picture does no justice to how clean Marcus's S351 is........this Saleen BETTER stay in your garage or I'll be hunting you down :p