who all has passed the 300 rwhp barrior NA with a 302?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by moneypit94, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. I know there is few people on here who have... RC says there is nobody, but i know i have seen them...

    302 cubic inches NA with 300 or more RWHP...
    This is for a 94/95 only...
  2. HairyCanary, Matt95GTS (on corral), Nihiliation, 2L8ULUZ2, SmokinGT50, just to name a few...

  3. Me 8 HP short before the blower.
    Killercanary 7 HP short.
    2L8ULUZ2 307 HP.
    SmokingGT50 307 HP.
    venomsvt 315 HP.
  4. venomsvt was using a 306, so not a stock bottom end. HairyCanary dyno'd at 309rwhp.

  5. Yea I forgot about that.
  6. I should be around there, a bigger mass air meter SHOULD push me over the 300rwhp mark. Hope to get a dyno run sometime soon and I'll post the numbers once I get a few pulls
  7. Some listed above quoted STD numbers, if that is to be concidered then add me to the list as my STD numbers were ~308rwhp.
  8. I knew there were a few people on here that made it...
  9. wasnt nihilations #'s STD? I remeber his rwhp being in the low 290's.

  10. Yep.
  11. I barely made it...stock shortblock, out of the box heads and intake, off the shelf cam, and shorty headers.
  12. Darn Almost there :bang: 289 Best pull I had yet. Had not performed any other pulls lately.
  13. 291 Was My Best On 110 Oct And Some Ice And A Fan
    Before The Blower
    After With 6 Psi I Got 368

    No excuses here!

    I'll be there by spring.