SN95 Who All Has Put Lowering Kit On Stock Shocks/struts?

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  1. I'm wanting to hear from people who have done this, and what kind of experience they had with it.

    I just had my suspension checked by the ford place and they said everything was in good shape. I know it's best to go ahead and do the new shocks and struts but. I don't drive the car a whole lot and I definitely am not hard on it. It's a 94 GT, and I bought it from 1 owner in 98 and have babied it ever since.

  2. You can put some lowering springs on with the stock struts/shocks. I do recommend installing some c+c plates and you might need a bumpsteer kit also. When I purchased my 86 it had stock suspension with Eibach springs. It rode rough as crap and had terrible bumpsteer. I installed UPR bumpsteer kit and cc plates with an alignment. It was night and day better.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I'm guessing the less you lower the better with the stock shocks/struts right? What are some springs that would be good for that? I'm looking at some slightly used H&R race springs. And I did meean to mention I was def going with some cc plates too.
  4. Foxbody struts are shorter than SN struts, so on a Foxbody you can always lower it with out changing the struts. On an SN you sometimes bottom out the stock struts going over bumps after it's lowered. You are off to a good start. I recently did a car and it ended up nice and low and rode really well. It wasn't the intention to seek out a good ride, it was total luck of the draw. We used BBK lowering springs and KYB 12 position adjustables from Summit. I was blown away with how good the KYBs were. They were way better than the Tokico 5 positions I bought for my car at almost twice the price. The KYBs also have the adjustment for the sock on the underside back, not on the top, so you don't have to cut holes in your trunk liner to adjust them.