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  1. Im in Houston where is everyone abouts
  2. damn this thing has been up all day and no from TX has seen it? or just dont wanna respond.
  3. No it's not that no one wants to respond
    it's that no one from Texas isn't here at
    that time.My friend is from Arlington, TX
    if he calls me and tells me where he is at
    I will tell him to meet up with you.
    Anyone else here from Texas?
  4. yo ....... im from SA .... but go to school in austin ......HOOK EM
  5. i'm here in N.E. San Antonio..!!!!! :D
  6. Same here..... :flag:
  7. ditto, but I'm in school in Boston.
  8. you live in houston? well when ur not in school correct.
  9. about 40 miles from houston, shepherd, tx. 15 minutes from cleveland
  10. correct. like now.
  11. H town here. Born in PAT. Went to UT.

    '05 Rose Bowl Champions

    Hail to the Vince - er

    Know any good speed shops around here? I'm looking for top quality.
  12. there is one off of aldine bender or fm 525, whichever you wanna call it
  13. actually i am from michigan i have only been here since oct. 3rd. although i will be opening my own shop "MUSTANG PERFORMANCE HEADQUARTERS" the doors will open the 17th of january everything is for the most part already in order.. anything for 64-05's i like all of the mustangs for the most part so i figured why cater to one generation. ill be over here on FM1960 near Fallbrooke.
  14. 1 Quick GT are you going to have a
    web site? If so what will the address be?
  15. i'm in Texas!!!

    Whats good mike!!!

    Gino M Chiri
  16. I also live in Houston!!
    Awesome place to party!!!! :spot:
  17. this is me if ya see me around.

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  18. Nice looking car man....... :nice:
  19. Yeah, like the car Mike. I want to really put some $$ into my car and need someone who is experianced in working on performance cars. I am mechanically inclined, but I think experiance holds me back. I will be going to the Rose Bowl, and out of town again in mid- Jan., but I would like to swing by your shop once it's completed. Maybe you could help me out. Thanks, Marc