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  1. Sweet looking ride Mike! I like the 03 Cobra wheels it looks awesome! :nice:
  2. im From B.C canada its bigger then texas does that count? :rlaugh:
  3. thanks guys, i think the wheels are going to be going on the womans vert. we have plans to make this vert a full cobra conversion 4v included not to sure if im going to use the hood though we kinda like the Mach 2 hood.

    my plans are to have the shop up and running on the 17th. im not going to focus on one generation though we (the wife and i) are going to do anything we can for 64-05.

    heres her car
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  4. hey if you want and when i have open space you could use my lift or whatever else and i could give you a hand that way next time you need to do work on ur car you could do it urself.
    i dont see it being a problem for a while that i wouldnt have the room.
  5. Sounds great. I appreciate the offer. I guess I can contact you throught the phone # on your website, right? I need to install this intake, but i'm not sure if I should go ahead and get heads while I'm at it?
  6. yeah thats my cell, using that till i get the store open and the phone up and running.
  7. yo, Im in New Braunfels Tx, Inbetween Austin and San Antonio
  8. Out here in H-Town as well. Hey let me know when your shop is up an runnin Mike. Fallbrook and 1960 is my old runnin hood....in fact I use to live in Turtle Lake. I'll come check you out and start buyin things thru you. :nice:
  9. :D Dallas in the house here!
  10. Hi to who ever i have not said hi to
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  12. I'm from Waco.

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  13. dude that fox lx vert is bad ass. im wanting to find myself a fox just to build the hell out of for my shop. kinda like a promotion thing ya know bad ass car=bad ass shop kinda thing.

  14. Thanks, I'm kinda proud of it. I've had it 7 years. Started as a stocker. She just went [email protected] on the 11th.
  15. damn right on man thats movin.i hope to get both of mine down in the tens before spring.
  16. I'm here in Dallas. I am currently stangless, but looking to find a clean 90-93 LX hatch 5.0 again. Hopefully real soon. :) :flag: :nice:
  17. Texas here, I also go to UT, hook 'em!
  18. I'm in NW San Antonio. Just moved here about 6mths ago. I've been looking for mustang people around here.... found a few, but my car is out of commision for now anyway so......oh well-