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  1. hey do you have any pics of the 66 and whats the price?????
  2. Sign up here. www.lonestarstangs.com Lots of S.A. stangers that get together regularly...see ya around.:flag:

  3. just registerd thanks man
  4. No prob man. When you get your store going, PM the admin and see about becoming a site sponsor/vendor. :nice:
  5. lol i guess im alone here i from longview texas
  6. I'm in Tomball, NW of Houston.

  7. if your on the northside you should check out slaters mustangs in humble. 281 446 9491. they do REAL good work.
  8. or i could just wait till my shop opens on the 17th. im also on the NW side
  9. sup ya'll i'm from Plano. . Go to school in oklahoma though (boooo)
  10. Originally from Dallas area, now live in Killeen, but I've been in Baghdad going on one year now.
  11. Wish ya the best from the states man. Come home safe.. :flag:
  12. Im from Frisco(dallas area), going to college in Denton
  13. Lubbock, Tx here...

  14. from carrollton, go to school and live in denton
  15. El Paso TX here

  16. two of my college buddies live there....im west of houston near katy, but go to school at SFA
  17. Dallas

    Dallas here...but closer to Garland.
  18. waco area here