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  1. w00t Montgomery here.
  2. I might be moving to Texas if my gf goes into the Airforce. Tell me there's no emissions....
  3. about 10 miles from Midland
  4. Sorry dude, there are definitely emissions in the Lone Star State

  5. Awww, sad face :(
  6. Ill be moving out to Houston soon to go to school....I finally get out of this $hit hole Georgia :)
  7. I live in Plano and go to UTD


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  8. I haven't replied cause I usually dont come into this particular forum. I live in Houston. This is me.

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  9. kingwood/humble area
  10. Well guss im another loner here, Im from Bastrop Tx...about 30miles out of austin (towards houston..highway 71 goes right through bastrop). Well infact I was just up on Baytown Tx (houston) for the Fun Ford Weekend at houston raceway..You go to that? There were a crap load of stangs just "around" at night when I me and my dad were driving back to the hotel...blue one with some DD bullitts drove by as we pulled out of outback stake house...he (maybe 18-20) actually waved at us as he and his friend in the car went by, so i gave a rev and he sounded back....are people usualy that cool up there? I was lovin it up there, not to congested...if I ever move thats the place I think. Here is my car.

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  11. Deep East Texas

    I'm in Hallsville, Bout 10 miles away from ya. See a lot of Mustangs around here though.
    91 Escort..Red..with a Papa John's sign on top!!
    70 vert "Ol Yeller
    69 vert
    83 5.0 vert
    84 GT Turbo vert
    85 2.3 notch POS
    91 vert 2.3 5 speed
    89 2.3 hatch 5 speed
    90 vert 2.3
    Bunch of other crap too!
  12. austin here
  13. ...another from H-Town checking in :D
  14. :spot: :banana:
    cowtown also
  15. im from the NE side of SA. I've seen some of u guys on LSS. i go by the name of 93stanglx there
  16. Arlington
  17. Tyler Texas about 100 miles east of Dallas


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  18. South Texas Here....RGV area!