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  1. NEside in S.A.
  2. Hey tangerine96gt, I have met you at the car wash. My son is Chad, used to drive a laser red 98 GT, now has a dark shadow gray 03 GT. Love your car, looking at your mods you have been busy :hail2:
  3. Killeen, TX
  4. Houston here.


  5. i thought thats was you. sorry for not making cruise night at whataburger last night. ill out tonight so just have chad give me a call. love your ride as well.
  6. :spot: ft worth texas in the house
  7. Im in fort worth, check out my car club website, http://www.flpot.net

    were in fort worth, dallas and just opened a chapter in austin.
  8. :stupid:
  9. I am from Denton, Texas.
  10. :stick: Im from the Coppell/Valley Ranch area.
  11. Fort Worth checking in.

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  12. Poor me.. about 35 miles east of Houston.

    Im always in the Humble/Kingwood area though ;)

    and usually goto HRP friday nights
  13. N. Dallas here.
  14. Sup I'm in Dallas for the summer but go to School in Austin, TX Hook 'Em
  15. Arlington, here!
  16. 2 hrs North of Dallas
  17. North Houston (spring) area here... been to HRP a couple times and Baytown once
  18. Deep south Texas-Brownsville.