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  1. cobra

    i have just bought a stock cobra from my buddies wife who jst recently died :D for get this $100.we grew up together an so i need to know what is the maximum horse power i can get out of the 2003 supercharged beast

    gosh i love america :flag:
  2. ft. worth texas in the house :banana: :spot: :cheers:
  3. FT. Bliss , TX home of the 4th Brigade 1ST Cavalry Division
  4. Friendswood, SE Houston area. Really not in a city, just around I45 and FM 2351. Fireworks are legal too woohoo! If there's one place your likely to catch me in my black 93 2.3L, it's at whataburger on 2351 and 518, because you cannot deny when it's hot and fresh, nothing compares.
  5. East of Baytown, near HRP.

    69 Mach 1 (for sale)
    03 Mach 1 (wife's car)
  6. I'm right outside Ft. Worth in Hurst. Plus I'm new to the site. :fuss:
  7. North west Austin near the lakes. Just registered here after reading the forums for a couple a months.