Who also has a Cobra II

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  1. Who also has a Cobra II
  2. me. but thats my parts donor car, thanks to an idiot who never got a title transferred to him 10 yrs ago :nonono:
  3. I got a 76 and a 77
  4. I got a 1976 Cobra II, unfourtanatly due to its condition I will be using a 1976 Mach 1 body for my restore, basically gonna be a Cobra II replica with all Cobra II stuff. Unibodies are tuff!
  5. I have one, my dad has one and my brother (Stang2Man)

    There's a very small pic. of mine on the avatar
  6. Mines a 78.
  7. 76 Cobra.....
  8. 77 Cobra
  9. Blue and white 76 and whats left of a white and blue late 77 (78 style)
  10. i cant get the picture to work but there is a red one with white stripes on the base that i work on, its got stuff done like wled wheels and a pretty big hood scoop
  11. Got a 77 that I modified into a GT350-like autocrosse car.
  12. '78 Cobra II here (Not sure if it's a fake Cobra or a legit one though), but it looks like one. :D
  13. I wish. Those are sweet rides.
  14. 1977 (white & green) 1978 (white & blue) Pro Street
  15. Mmmmmm... :drool: Got any pics? I had a white/green 77, and I LOVED it. You never see the green cars anymore.
  16. Here's proII's green/white car. Man I love these green cars...

  17. The name kinda gives it away.

  18. Black and red '78 Cobra II, in the process of total restoration. :canflag:
  19. My current II is a 78 T-top, but my first one was a 76 Cobra (white, originally with blue, but solid white when I got it...)
  20. Mine is a 78 mach 1, converted to a Cobra II replica