Who also has a Cobra II

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  1. I have a 1977 Cobra II - black and gold. (bought it off the original owner in the fall of 1977 with 5000 miles on it) :D
  2. 76, white w/blue, original owner, parted ways with smog equiptment in fall of '77 with 5000 miles on it... :rlaugh:
  3. 78 cobra and 77 mach 1
  4. I've got that 78 Cobra, and a 76 Cobra (parts car) my 78 T-top is unfortunately not a Cobra though, but it is a Ttop
  5. Have an original 1977 cobra ii, white with blue stripes, 35,000 miles on it when I bought it 2 or so years ago. I'll try to get a pic for you, welcome aboard!!!!!
  7. 76

    76 Here white with blue stripes. Does any one have black with silver? or a pic mabe a pic of black and red?

    Rob Davidson
  8. Did you get your share of the cobra ii christmas ornament this year? I did. :D

  9. Ditto! Blue and white 76
  10. 78 white with puke green stripes cobra II, when I repaint I think I will go with the earlier style cobra stripes, I really dont care for the 78 style!!! :puke:
  11. 76 Cobra II white w/blue stripes originally, no stripes currently.
  12. I usta have a 78 II in black with the stripes like the white one in 98cobraclone's avatar. I came with a V6 but I swaped it with a 302 from a 76 Gran Torino. Was a great car till I totaled coming home from school in the rain one day. ...sniff...
  13. What's wrong with those paint schemes I think black and silver would look pretty good and to answer your question Impala, I woulda killed for an ordainment these socks are freakin killing me
  14. cobra II

    I have a 76' thats still under construction...see avatar

    Never seen a whole car with those stripes....bought a parts car that had a couple of them once.
  16. I second that! I've never seen an actual green 78 Cobra II. Just the promo pictures from Ford, and I don't think they are even of a production car because the tail panel is colored like a Mach 1.