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  1. About 3 months ago (around that amount of time) one of you guys fixed a mass air related problem problem that caused your car to pop and run lean. The unusual thing was that you were ready to sell your car because you had the problem for a year. Finally, a tech from a nearby speed shop came to your house/apartment and fixed it. All I can remember is that your name does not really match your car, I think it was something like DropTopCobra, because you either didn't have a cobra and/or it wasn't convertible. You are a student too. I'm having a similar problem and I need to know exactly what you did to fix it.
    I've tried to do every conceivable search with no luck. Who are you? Does anybody know who or what I'm talking about?


  2. I think he changed his username to BottleRocket (used to be droptopcobra) or something like that.
  3. Did you try unplugging the MAF sensor and test drive the car? This will put the car in limp mode. If it runs better like this, it means there is a prob with the MAF circuit. '

    Have you tried cleaning the MAF sensor? Pulled the codes? Pull them before that test and see if any are set, cause that test will throw one. :lol: he had all kinds of trouble with that car and I think he did sell it, if its the one I am thinking of.
  4. BottleRocket

    I think you got it!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!
  5. No codes oddly enough. I'm pretty sure that the MAF is not working at all. I kind of know whats wrong but I'm not sure how to fix it. Something has gone awry with the harness that goes to the sensor. I know this not only because I had a tech tell me, but because I replaced the ECM,TPS,MAP/BAP,and o2 sensors and still the same damn problem. The tech told me which wire had no signal and according to Tmoss's wiring diagram its the ground. I still have a couple of questions though. Thanks for helping!!