who can relate with me?

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  1. is it just me or is anyone else ****ed off with people who drive SLOW 4- cylinder hondas and all they do is talk trash about our mustangs (v6's in particular). Not only that, but these people with their rice beater hondas not only think that their cars are fast, but they think they can beat our stangs just cuz their v6's. and no not the seriously hooked up ones u see at the track, im talking about hondas with intake and exhaust and thats it. are they stupid? if the advantage in horsepower isnt enough, the torque in my v6 is about DOUBLE the torque in theres. i mean come on! im sick of these people.
  2. yup thats the nice thing about having a 4 cylinder mustang, you get over looked by every one becuase they are busy making fun of the 6's.
  3. With some hondas, all you need is an intake and exhaust. But yes, I know what you mean. They hear some of us guys talking about the people in the V6 mustangs who think they can take any hondas, and when they hear us saying we can beat them, they assume that their hondas can too. It's a viscious circle.

  4. I hear ya and couldn't agree more

  5. "With some hondas, all you need is intake and exhaust"....on what, a Honda S2000? It's going to take more than intake and exhaust to get the EX Civic up to 200. And, as he was saying, even if they made it up to 200, it wouldn't mean jack because HP is just for bragging rights. Torque moves the car, and the Civic, being front wheel drive, is not going to generate anywhere near the torque of a V6. You mentioned that with the setup on my V6 (Exhaust, chip, CAI) I'd be lucky to see 10 HP? Are you know claiming that a Honda can see 40 + just off of intake and exhaust? Sorry, but I have to call :bs: when I hear it. Although, I expect this argument from someone with an import....especially an Integra, which is basically a HONDA itself.
  6. By the way, I'm not trying to flame u here Teg. I'm just wondering what the logic behind your reasoning is. :shrug:
  7. Hello and welcome to last week. :D

    This has been going on since the kid with the Big-Wheel or the kid with a baseball card stuck in his spokes believing he can outrun the 10-speed. But some people develope a brain and learn over the years and some well, still put baseballcards....I mean fartpipes and lights on their cars and think they're ready for the Indy 500 (the 10 speed). :D
  8. i agree i hate it too but i acnt say that i bash all rice. some kids around here know what they r doin(along w/ those that dont). i would bet that an integra gs-r or a vtech prelude would put up a fight but integra ls's, civics, 4 banger accords and such really dont have much. i also agree that our cars rnt the fastest but yeah some people take it way to far on what cars they r bashing and really need a reality check. also on another note i have actually heard rice that doesnt fart and sounds decent...but none n e where near here :D
  9. I am more bothered by v6 mustangs trying to race me daily than hondas :(
  10. Horsepower to horsepower comparing doesn't make any sense.

    You can't leave out that these imports wiegh 2/3 of what your car wieghs.

    Horsepower:Wieght vs Horsepower:Weight, not Just HP vs HP, or TQ vs TQ ..
  11. I don't really care one way or the other. So they have a 9" fart can........

    My top goes down.....I have a sweet whistle under the hood and I still get 30 mpg highway
  12. Acuras = rebadged Hondas.
  13. power to weight
  14. I just laugh when a riceball try's to out run me..not that I go out looking to smoke someone. The only time I floor It, Is when they can't drive and cut you off, stupid crap like that. But one thing that annoys the hell out of me Is when Im at a stop light and a GT or a Cobra pull's up, revving the engine like a retard. It's like "Gee, I have a 6 and you have an 8, want a f***ing cookie"
  15. Quote:
    It's like "Gee, I have a 6 and you have an 8, want a f***ing cookie"
    Today 08:36 PM

    You said it in a nutshell right here. If the 4 bangers talk 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' and you beat them then they say the same thing. Well you have a 6. :rolleyes: It never ends. Drive what you have and be proud. If I had a honda or acura I would still beef it up as best I could even If I took 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' from everyone. Hey I drive a 6 and I take 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' cause it ain't a monster V8 with that torque that could pull a building down. :rolleyes:

    This again is a stupid conversation every time it is brought up. I drove my Ex's 03 GT many times. I actually prefered driving my 6, maybe because it was mine but I don't know, The GT didn't blow me away because of gobs of power or anything, but then again it was stock, so I don't know?? I have verbal diarrhea now so I'll shut up.
  16. Don't get me wrong, Im very proud of my 6 banger. Im not the type to pull up to 4 banger and rev my ride..just not my style... It just ticks me off when a fellow stang owner thinks he's the ***t. all the time, without fail.. then again, most of them are punkass kids with an ego problem.
  17. True. I'd hate to have an NSX, pay $100,000+ for the six, and, on top of that, know it's pretty much a Honda.
  18. Oh so true. Alot of the kids that are Stangers around here drive the new Cobras and it's sickening. You go through the high school parking lot, you see Vipers, you see Saleens, Cobras, Z06 Vettes, you name it...and the whole time I'm thinking....that's probably their first car. They are learning how to drive in a car that people who drive excellent get themselves killed in. It's the rich mom and dad who buy the 16 year old jock the Cobra thats jacking up my insurance rate b/c, no matter how many tickets or accidents he gets into, his parents keep paying, and so do the rest of us. I hate thinking about it. :nonono: Also, as someone was saying, I have a much bigger problem of GT's and Cobras coming up and revving on me than the rice. With rice, it's usually a "I just flew by you and now I think I'm cool" where as with fellow Stangs, it's "Look, my parents are paying my way so I have this V8 and I bet it can take you." It sucks, and because of that, I really have come to dislike the V8 Mustangs.
  19. Rice won't beat us. Period.

    Well-done imports can. Period.

    My buddy had a teg GS-R with much top-end work that looked bone-stock. That little 1.8 would easily walk away from any stock 99+ V6 stang and most modified 98-. That wasn't rice. That was a well-done import.

    Unfortunately it got ripped when he moved to Springfield....actually the DAY he moved to Springfield. Found it 2 days later w/the engine & tranny gone.
  20. Well I never rev on a six, on the contrary I'll throw him a thumbs up. Anyone in a stang I'll throw a thumbs or if in ear-shot will say nice car.
    But on the contrary, I have some sixers rev at me to hear me rev and a few actually want to run me. :rolleyes:

    Very very true! ftards get brave when they know it's heavy traffic. They'll cut you off then run for cover in the gobs of traffic. :rolleyes: