who can relate with me?

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  2. I've had a V8..2001 GT. I didn't race really anybody. Just liked cruising it around. Besides, I knew that if I got just one ticket, my insurance would drop me so that was some incentive to do the speed limits. Insurance... :bang: ..... :nonono:

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  4. I guess i just dont understanf the whole v6, v8, cobra , rice, ect deal. No one here went out and bought ( and yes i bought mine, 29 y/o and my first new car....first car that wasnt 5 years old when i got when actully) a lumina or a geo or buick skylark. everyone is the same scene, sports cars. If i pull up to a light and there is a bastardized honda with pillar pods and tachs and lights and neon and ulgy paint and god aweful "mission control we are ready for takeoff" wing....even if i know that model car at the most is putting out 170hp and 100 tq I will see if they want to play around a bit. They are walkin the walk right?

    If i am sittin there and a viper or a corvette or some exotic pulls up, and they want to go a bit...sure lets see what happens. ther is always a bigger dog out there.

    Theres no reason to get pissed if a v6 v8 gt mach 1 cobra pulls up, if your feeling frisky, think the guy has a cast on his clutch foot, or notice someone stuffed a potatoe up his tail pipe....play a bit....if not throw a wave, say hi, ect. We all made the right choice with choising a stang, reguardless of trim level.

  5. Hell I was reading up on the ricers web forum and half them didn't know what a SVO was or anyother turbo Ford for that :) I look in on them to keep a eye out for my enemy, remember keep your friends close and your enemys closer :D

    Ok now this is going to tick some of you v6 guys off but please believe me when I say I haven't nothing against any mustang including the V6 crowd.

    The MAIN thing I hate is guys who make there mustangs into ricers want-a-be's. Come on guys have some respect :) These V6 guys is who I gun for the most and they really get up set when beat them in a bone stock 20 year old four banger :) Just to add salt to the wounds I tell them a small history of this four banger ( its a newer version of the pinto engine) Keep it real remember your driving an American car and if you want a ricer look than go by one. :flag:

    Thanks for letting me throw my two cents in here guys :nice:
  6. Hey I forgot, StangerJon, I'll trade ya my stock older 85'SVO for your 85.5? Its a good deal I promise...come on be different every one else says NO :D

    I know I give ricers heck so I can just imagine what a 85.5 SVO does , thats like moving in on a Supra territory lol
  7. i can

    i have kids that say that all the time....
    news flash when race day comes, FORD= First On Race Day. thats all i have to say to them honda kids!
  8. I'm glad you brought this up :) What does this mean, "first on race day"?

    It sounds good yes but how is being at the race first winning a race ? I always liked the "Fix or repair daily " saying my self, It may not catch on around here but I like it :) As for the hondas I really can't stand there head lights the most. I can almost put up with the fart can mufflers but those damn lights bug the crap out up me. It bugs me so much I have to adjust my mirrors just to race them ;)
  9. yay anagrams! or w/e they are... you could say Ford "found on road dead" or maybe Ford "fix or repair daily" but they are just words....
  10. Don't get me wrong I'm a reformed person now and have taken to Ford here lately, heck I own two now ;) but that "Fix Or Repair Daily" really aplys to my SVO :( I guess any 20 year car would need some kind of restoring uh :) I got the stuff to fix her up but just no time :(
  11. With all this talk about V8's hating V6's I can agree...most, not all V8 stangers seem to look down upon the V6ers like you wish you could have this, but I'm a poor college student who can't afford it "right now", they key word, "right now"....does not mean that I would not like a V8, but I can't afford it. On a happier note, today I was driving back to school and saw a Cobra coming my way, it was daytime so i flashed my lights to say whats up and when he past me, he gave me the whats up in an exhaust note (he revved past me) scarred the 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' out of me at first b/c i wasn't expecting it. But it felt nice that someone with a S/C V8 even admires and says whats up to the little V6ers. It's like little brother and big brother :D
  12. whats up with the kiss me?
  13. the whole "kiss me" thing is a sensor thing for bad words i beleive, i said S H I T (without any spaces) before, and i had to re-spell it as schit so it wouldnt turn out as "kiss me"
  14. I only race V6's when they instigate... and sometimes I'll mistake one for an 8 if it has dual-exhaust and I'm not paying attention. Otherwise I try to stick to racing cars that are more of a fair match (no offense)... or ricers when their cars are reallly reallly ugly and I need some tire smoke to block my view of them. ;)

    I've noticed a trend though... when I was in my winter car, an '00 V6 Cougar, every ricer and their mother would try to race me because I guess they figured they'd have a shot. When I'm in the GT, I almost never get harassed by ricers... instead, it's always idiots in stock SUVs. I don't get it... yes, something like a Dodge Durango has a torquey V8 and feels quick, but do these people really think they can hang with a 13-second Mustang? C'mon!
  15. Yeah, thats the word alright. I typed that word earlier, but after previewing I spotted that and edited it with the word "crap." Stupid filter makes no sense. If youre gonna filter that, why "kiss me?" why not filter it as saying "stinky poo poo." Its childish, but at least it makes sense.
  16. Since mines a v6, and I dont know much about competing cars, I never challange anyone. If I rev, its because I'm flirting back or accepting someone elses challenge. Usually its the stupid imports that think a fart can will gain you 100hp. Sometimes its just people that want some sort of bragging rights. I figure if its something big that I obviously can't beat. I can always say I wasnt trying, or something like that. For an example. I believe I once tried to race a corvette. But come on! Corvette vs a v6 mustang. They didnt even have to try. It was fun for me, seeing how I could still keep up, but the poor corvette, its not like he can go around telling people, dude! I just smoked this 10 year old v6 stang!
  17. you know what I do? BTW I have a 02 V6..... mostly stock... but who cares right?

    When I have a problem I go home... and get my F150... :) Then I go back on the **edit** and find that little SOB thats causing trouble and I **edit** them in my F150 lifted 3", 33"X12.5" mudding tires, flareside, 4X4... 6000# truck... and I **edit** on them... why? Because I have a 351W stroked out to a 377 in there... along with a few extra goodies... Maybe I'll blow it with a M113 later on... but I love it when their jaws drop when their precious sports car gets **edit** by a huge truck.

    My V6 is my baby because it's new and it's good on gas and it looks nice... I could care less if a V8 comes rolling up and revs on me... I bet money that his rev can't sound as good as my "racing" vehicle revs.
  18. Hm, I thought a rev from a v8 meant something different. Like a hello, a flirt, or cool to see you chose a stang too, wise decision. If they really are trying to fool with you, its just stupid. What on earth would a v8 need to show off to a v6? If they are so good and fast, why? Makes no sense to me.

    No wonder all those stupid ricers think they can smoke anything. In fast in the furious the guy with a ferrari started crap with the supra, and got his butt handed to him on a plate because of it. Oh ha ha, you spent so much on a ferarri and you got beat by that! Burn! So just like in this case why would a v8 wanna run with a v6? They win, so what, same car bigger engine, thats why. They lose, super huge burn. Only reason I see for a v8 to race against a v6, is if the v6 challenged them for some unknown reason, and the v8 had to defend himself.
  19. :lock: you guys can't talk about street racing when will you ever learn?
  20. Take heart guys, I was agitated by an acura coupe and promptly kicked my Taurus SES in the ass and poor acura boy couldn't hang.... no mods, no fart pipes, nada... yeah as if their overpriced 4 wheeled "Pacific Rim" sewing machine is bad .... please
    Can't wait till my 300hp V-6 (a 1983 no less) is done some Honda boyz gonna be pissed LOL No NOS, No blower, all Motor!

    ps hope this edit pleases the P/C police mr/ms moderator