who can relate with me?

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  1. Man I'll kick your butt with my Tahoe...ok J/K Just beware the Super charged SUV or the turbo charged Typhoons :) I'll mess around with cool people in my tahoe but only a idiot would go out looking to street race in a SUV :notnice:

    As for reving people I'm a little to old for that I think, besides while there looking for a reaction from me ( when they rev) I'm looking for a the "Hole Shot". I mean green light :) Now if the person is cool and where just messing around then what the heck, I'll even race a V-8 I know I'll loose just for the experience of it ;) Next to ricers the MAIN thing I look for is a Mustang dressed up like a Ricer. If your like this beware I don't care if your SLower or faster I'm comming for ya :p If ya want a ricer buy one, don't go screwing up a mustang to be one :rolleyes:
  2. Kinda like all the ricers around here: whenever they see me they yell "roll em over". I won't do it. Then when talking to them, they're talking smack saying my car can't do it. If I wanted, I could melt both tires off, but they just don't understand the reasoning that I have Pirelli's on the car.........they're not economy tires by no means.

    They think that just because they don't see a show in power, that there is no power.