Electrical Who Can Tell Me What This Button Does????

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  1. posted it as an attached file!!!!!! its in the interior next to the fog light switch.

    (1995 svt cobra)

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  2. From the factory, the only other switch that might be there is the convertible top switch.
  3. Is it a slider switch? What are the little LED looking thingies?
  4. It's not factory. Aside from the fog light switch, the hard tops only had a coin holder that took that spot. The verts had a switch to raise/lower the top. If the car was a hard top and didn't have fog lights, then you got two coin holders.

    The swtich in your console is probably something the previous owner installed.
  5. the lights dont light up and i dont see anything happen by hitting the switch... my suspisions will lead me to remove the console and look! lmao
  6. Great! You pressed the switch! That turned the government off!
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  7. better turn it back on then lol!! or maybe if i hit it on and off fast enough it will pop a fuse :S
  8. My guess would be the previous owner either had neons under the car or maybe had an amp on the switch.
  9. Actuates the passenger side ejector seat
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