Who Else Besides Me Is Like This?

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  1. Let's see...
    my 78 T-top II, my 87 Ranger on 255/60R15s, my 85 Bronco II (Broncenstein II), my wife's 85 Eddie Bauer Bronco II, and her 87 Daytona, and looking to find room for a 1980 F150 4x4 (needs a new carb on the 300 I6, but its free).

    My garage has the Mustang and my tools in it, along with some parts. One side has industrial shelving with large parts and milk crates of misc. parts, and the other side of the garage is all spare fenders, hoods and tires. When I was single and shared a bsmt ste. with a buddy, we each parked our motorcycles in the kitchen.
    Oh, and the heads I've been holding for over a decade are fresh rebuilt for a SBF, and sit with an aluminum intake, a cam, and carb.....
  2. I've got the 77 Cobra, a 93 Mustang GT, a 71 Ford F100, an 04 lightning, and a 95 ninja zx7, and they are all tagged and insured. I keep telling myself no more toys!
  3. In my garage I have my 71 Mustang, lots of car realted things, I have parts for cars I dont even own! My shed is full of body panels and I had a tires shrine out back. At one point some couches were being stored in my garage and I actually took a break from aligning a bumper and ended up falling asleep on it... yes I have slept in my garage! Im only 18 and back when I was 16 I had 3 cars, the future is looking bright, up to 6 cars now!

  4. well I have my needing paint, half primered II in the garage and new car and truck in the driveway
  5. An enjoyable read. Nearly all of those traits fit me, although I can't say I have the 302 firing order committed to memory :)

  6. oooo, count me in for this Tony. I have 6 autos. 1 ford (the 77), and the rest GM's. guess which one i have spent the most on? :rolleyes: :D
  7. That list loosly fits me.

    My two words when asked for gift ideas?


  8. 1-3-6-5-7-2-4-8. (I think)

    Now lessee.... I have a 74 coupe, 76CBII, 77 2+2 with Ttops. 79 Mercury Bobcat, and 95 cougar XR-7 with the 4.6. Also have a Dodge truck fetish, but who cares about those on this site. :D

  9. 15426378 - Pre Windsor firing order.

    13726548 - W

    I don't have to think about it, but I do have to think about my phone number.
  10. Mine arent all at the same time but... in order:
    74 Mach I
    74 Cobra II
    76 Cobra II
    78 2+2 (Cobra Conversion) T-Tops 351W :spot:
  11. I can only wish. I moved in with my grandma and she doesnt have a garage just a carport. I cant stand it. other than that I pretty much fit that general description
  12. let's see BOXES of NOS Ball joints for cars that we have never/will never own, case lots of oil filters misc. other filters, a complete Chevy 283 (in pieces scattered through the place) Tire changer, Front end lift and commercial grade air compressor my dad and I bought through a bank repossesion of a garage quite a few yeas ago, and now little brothers 69 firebird on the lift in pieces with spare parts coming for that.... I think I fit right in there too.

    Not to mention the extra fride fully stocked of course, coffee pot and if the need arises the coleman stoves live out there so you can always grab something from the fridge and go to town.